Friday Morning Thoughts


Good morning Friday!  It finally got cold, the temperatures have been slowly making their way into the thirties, and this morning, it finally happened, a brisk 33 degrees when I woke up, brr!  No problems, this was what I was waiting for, now the sweaters, tights, and all things warm can come out of the closet.  I will be sure and tell you all in a few weeks how I don’t like this weather anymore and can’t wait for springtime and blooming flowers.  But until then, I am still happy it’s not summer anymore.

So about this week, seems like it was another long one.  I have been traveling again lately.  Memphis AND Nashville both last week, and after today, three days this week I will have found myself on the road.  Good thing for great transportation!  Although, the tire shop would beg to differ.  Seems every time I take my car, nay cars, to the shop for routine maintenance – this happens to both of them – there is always something that has gone bad.  And at the tire shop, it is always related to tires.  This time, I have a bent rim.  What?  Did you know your left rim was bent?  Me thinking:  How could that have happened, you guys were the last ones to even touch my rims!  Tire guy:  It just happens, especially with those kinds of tires.  You probably hit a pothole.  Me thinking: Figures!  The solution: Don’t rotate the tires on the left side of the car and just leave the bent rim on the back where it was, no wait, tech guy comes in and says the bent rim was on the front.  Thus ensuring my few month old tires are gonna wear out even faster on that side.  I think I liked it better when I rotated my own tires!  Oh, well, I walked in there knowing at least one thing had to be wrong.

Car troubles aside (my car is driving just fine and that is all I am concerned about), today has promise to be a good one.  I have plans to be bird watching.  And not just any bird, pelicans.  Apparently there are sea birds that find their way to West Tennessee.  I have been looking forward to this for a while, and today is finally the day.  I am undecided as to which camera to take.  I know I will probably take both, but which to carry on the canoe is what I am thinking about.  Oh, yes, there are canoes involved, and come to think of it, probably cold water.  Well, I wouldn’t want this cold water to mess up the nice camera, and I occasionally always err on the side of caution when it comes to electronics and water.  Probably my little camera is gonna be the camera of choice.

And since there will be canoeing today, I probably should have stopped myself from taking that super ab/core class at the gym last night.  I woke up feeling sore, and I know only more soreness is to come as the day goes on.  It was an ab class, but those planks, and jump up, down to the ground, now push up moves just did my shoulders in.  And the ab workout, I now know why I hate doing ab exercises so much, they really hurt!  My stomach muscles did not work as well as I thought they did!  I know what machine I need to not be skipping anymore while at the gym.  Or better yet, I just need to get down and do sit-ups, ugh!  Somehow the abs haven’t found their way into my definition of total body.

Well, that is enough of me going on and on about not much.  I have the pelicans to get ready for.  Have a great weekend, all!  Anything exciting going on where you live? 

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