Dressed Appropriately

Dressed AppropriatelyIf you stopped on by hoping to read a little bit about clothes and shoes, you are in luck!  In fact, clothes and shoes just may end up being the theme of the whole week.  Wait, don’t leave yet, there is a little bit more here than just clothes and shoes.

As I mentioned earlier, I am taking part, once again, in a ShoeperWoman Shoe Challenge.  I really enjoy these challenges and I am happy there is another one to take part in.  And since I have done this before, you all already know everything about my love of Doc Martens and my slight hesitation to wear anything pretty, I won’t be going into too much detail about the shoes themselves but maybe write a bit about the day the shoes were worn.  I know, you all cannot wait, once in a while I have a pretty exciting life, so says me anyway.  😉

The challenge started on the first and I have counted them all up, thirty seven pairs of shoes to save this time!  I left out several that were barely wearable the last time around, and if you can believe it, I have only bought one pair of shoes since January, the end of my last shoe challenge.  I may not be a shoe person after all according to my recent, lack of, shoe shopping.

To start the challenge off, I saved not one but two pairs of shoes this week.  You will probably be seeing at least one of these pictures again come my Sunday, Skirtember round-up post, but for now, the pictures are evidence of a shoe save, I mean two shoe saves!

Sunday, September 1st:


Shirt – Charlotte Russe || Over shirt – xhiliration || Skirt – Intuitions || Shoes – Route 66 || Necklace – handmade

I had no reason to leave the house for the first part of the day.  It rained a lot which was wonderful considering it has been dry for about three weeks at the least.  I sewed in the morning, and then when the afternoon came, I had a reason to get kind of dressed up.  Here was the dilemma, what to wear for the dinner we were having with some of the family that would be appropriate for an evening of roller skating afterwards… not an easy choice.  I wanted to be dressy, but then didn’t want to change two hours later in the back seat of the car, also, it is Skirtember, ya’ll!  (I just really wanted to use ya’ll in a post once, it won’t happen ever again!)

So, this is what I wore.  I thought that the skirt was casual enough, and I could skate in it without worrying of a wardrobe malfunction should I fall.  I never fall when I skate, but just in case, I grabbed a pair of jeans and figured it would go with the exception to the Skirtember rule that states, changing for yard work, walking in the woods, or the gym is totally acceptable.  Okay, rollerskating applies also (by the way I am making the rules up as I go, remember?).  I am so glad I changed, because guess what?  I fell, and I fell hard!  Both knees got skinned through my jeans, and I have a bruise on one knee that is probably twice as big as my whole knee.  Wearing a skirt would not have been a pretty sight!  I would have probably bled on the dance floor, I mean skating floor.  (On a side note, it totally could have been a dance floor!  I have never seen such moves from people with skates on.  The people watching was also a lot of fun!)

Back to the shoes.  Monday September, 2nd:


Shoes – Doc Martens || Skirt – Planet Gold

A traveling school day.  A blue skirt and blue pair of old, Doc Martens day.  It rained a lot, again, and these were a great choice of shoe, if I may say so myself.  Although I wished I had chosen a nicer shirt.  Ah, maybe next time.

There you go, my first two of thirty seven shoes saved.  Now to decide which pair will be next…



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