Nice and Silver


I know, there are so many outfit-type posts up here this week.  I thought about not doing a Thursday Thrift post just to save you all from seeing yet another photo of me, but I changed my mind.  I bet you were all expecting my thrifty item to be a skirt, well, I will spare you, there are way too many skirts that are gonna be showing up this month as it is.  No, no skirt to write about for this week’s Thursday Thrift and no dresses either.  For today, how about a shirt?

I don’t have near enough nice shirts.  I stick mostly to t-shirts, why? I don’t know.  And, I never really look for shirts when I am out thrift shopping.  You can find a brand new t-shirt for a pretty good price, so why bother with a used one?  I found one though while I was out yard-saleing this spring and it is what I would consider a nice shirt, it’s more like a blouse.

Express brand, silver and with buttons, much nicer than a plain ole faded, black t-shirt!  The only thing I worry about when wearing a nice shirt with a skirt, is that it may seem too dressy for a day at home and running errands around town, but that really hasn’t stopped me before.  For today, I paired it with jeans, of the skirt type.  (Now that I think about it, the skirt is also thrifted.)  Nothing makes things more casual than jean, right?  Oh, and this is the first time I have worn both of these things.  I should really start shopping my closet.

Silver ShirtShirt – Express (thrifted) || Skirt – Old Navy (thrifted) || Shoes – Chic || Necklace – thrifted

P.S. – I need to get myself some nicer shirts!

P.P.S – I thought others might want to participate in showing off their thrifty finds, so I linked up with the Daily Post and made The Thursday Thrift a blogging event!  Hope to see your thrifty finds next time as well.  Details here.



6 thoughts on “Nice and Silver

  1. “I should really start shopping my closet.” I love this!! In fact, this is my favorite–finding something new right in the back of my closet!!

    1. There are a few things in mine that I have forgotten all about! It does make for a nice surprise though. 🙂

  2. You are the queen of thrifting! I love the silver 🙂

    1. Ha ha! I never thought of myself as such, but since you mentioned it… jk! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Nice top it dresses up the skirt nicely.

    1. Thanks! The color silver, in my mind, also makes things look dressier.

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