People Seldom Notice Old Clothes if You Wear a Big Smile!



Hello, all!  Here’s my first, weekly round-up of this year’s Skirtember.  So far, wearing a skirt everyday has not been a problem; taking a photo everyday, well, not really a problem either.  I have decided to just leave the tripod set up in the garage for the month to make snapping a daily picture that much easier.  And my exception to the rule that allows for changing while doing outdoor work has come in to play a few hours this week, and probably will once again today, as I have plans to be walking through the woods sometime before the day is over.  (I don’t really wanna make it that easy for the creepy-crawlies to find bare legs to crawl onto and bite.  I have enough bites right now as it is.)

This time around, I got all of the skirts I wanted to wear and hung them up together in the closet.  And I was right, I have enough skirts to not repeat any from last year.  And a few haven’t even been worn since last year… could I possibly be a hoarder?  Ugh, I sure hope not!  I might wanna reconsider what gets kept and what I donate after this little challenge is over.  Although, can one really have too many skirts…?

Needless to say, picking a skirt out for the day won’t be hard, but matching a shirt, that is where I have to stop and think. You will probably be seeing way too many plain, old black t-shirts over the next few weeks.  I have heard that black goes with everything, but lately, I am not so sure.  *Note to self, I still need nicer shirts.

I noticed a few other Skirtemberists over on Instagram (hashtag #skirtember), so there are others like me taking part in this challenge.  Anyone else wearing skirts for the month and blogging about it?  Leave me a comment with a link, I wanna check it out.

Well, that is about all I have for now.  Another round-up to come next Sunday.  Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them.

Skirt Details:

1st – Intuitions | 2nd – Blue Planet | 3rd – made-by-me | 4th – Old Navy | 5th – Banana Republic | 6th – made-by-me | 7th – Talbots |

*Title quote, Lee Mildon

**Linking up with this week, a fellow Skirtemberist!


10 Replies to “People Seldom Notice Old Clothes if You Wear a Big Smile!”

  1. Way to put together so many different outfits! You’re good at this 🙂 Wearing a skirt isn’t hard, taking a picture isn’t hard, but sometimes for me, doing both in the same day just doesn’t happen lol.
    Thanks for linking up and glad you enjoy the challenge!


    1. Thank you so much! Sometimes, I get the outfit but forget about the photo myself. But so far, this being my second Skirtember, I’ve done alright for the month. Creating a link for this was a great idea, thanks!


  2. I’m trying…I don’t know about all month, but I’m doing as many days as I can!

    I like wearing solid t-shirts with skirts too. I’m not very adventurous in that way :-p


  3. I’m wearing skirts all month, too!! And t-shirts just don’t seem to last as long or at least last in good condition for years like other pieces of clothing can do. So annoying–I just want my clothes to last forever! 😛 Oh well, I like the motto that you made into the title of this post. Smiles can accomplish a lot!


    1. I know what you mean, I wish so many of my clothes lasted longer than they have. Thanks for stopping by, I am on my way to see what outfits you’ve come up with…


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