People Seldom Notice Old Clothes if You Wear a Big Smile!



Hello, all!  Here’s my first, weekly round-up of this year’s Skirtember.  So far, wearing a skirt everyday has not been a problem; taking a photo everyday, well, not really a problem either.  I have decided to just leave the tripod set up in the garage for the month to make snapping a daily picture that much easier.  And my exception to the rule that allows for changing while doing outdoor work has come in to play a few hours this week, and probably will once again today, as I have plans to be walking through the woods sometime before the day is over.  (I don’t really wanna make it that easy for the creepy-crawlies to find bare legs to crawl onto and bite.  I have enough bites right now as it is.)

This time around, I got all of the skirts I wanted to wear and hung them up together in the closet.  And I was right, I have enough skirts to not repeat any from last year.  And a few haven’t even been worn since last year… could I possibly be a hoarder?  Ugh, I sure hope not!  I might wanna reconsider what gets kept and what I donate after this little challenge is over.  Although, can one really have too many skirts…?

Needless to say, picking a skirt out for the day won’t be hard, but matching a shirt, that is where I have to stop and think. You will probably be seeing way too many plain, old black t-shirts over the next few weeks.  I have heard that black goes with everything, but lately, I am not so sure.  *Note to self, I still need nicer shirts.

I noticed a few other Skirtemberists over on Instagram (hashtag #skirtember), so there are others like me taking part in this challenge.  Anyone else wearing skirts for the month and blogging about it?  Leave me a comment with a link, I wanna check it out.

Well, that is about all I have for now.  Another round-up to come next Sunday.  Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them.

Skirt Details:

1st – Intuitions | 2nd – Blue Planet | 3rd – made-by-me | 4th – Old Navy | 5th – Banana Republic | 6th – made-by-me | 7th – Talbots |

*Title quote, Lee Mildon

**Linking up with this week, a fellow Skirtemberist!