The Fun Has Already Begun

Memphis Zoo monkey

If I counted my weeks right, we will have fourteen weeks of summer break this year, exactly the same amount of summer break we had last year.  Unfortunately, two of these fourteen weeks have already passed.  Already!  How does time do that?  The first week I didn’t really consider a break, I was still grading papers and the boy was turning in all the final work he had, plus there was school practice for the end of the year program.  Since that was last weekend, this week was technically my first week of summer break.  What did I do you might be wondering?  Well, quite a bit actually and now it’s already Friday.  I can see this break is gonna go by way too fast!

This week I did exactly what I have been waiting to do.  I kept telling myself, and my neighbor, that I would get my yard in order once we were done with school, and get my yard in order I did, or at least I started to – there is still a lot to do.  I finally got my blueberries weeded, fertilized, and mulched only one month later than what is suggested, but better now than never I’m saying.  And I was happy not to have a major downpour right after, which is usually what happens when I do it in April.  I spend all of that time and then the rain washes away most of my newly placed mulch.  In this case, putting it off did pay off since May seems to be drier than April was, so far.

garden blueberries

Also in the yard, I planted flowers.  I always get big planting ideas around this time of the year and then they fizzle out pretty quickly.  Or I go and actually buy the plants just to leave them in the pots for way too long and end up planting something that should have been in the clearance section of the nursery.  Not this year though, I bought the plants on Monday, and had them in the ground by Wednesday night.  Only four, but four more than I had to begin with, which wasn’t that much.  It is taking me way too long to landscape this yard of ours, but it’ll get there when it gets there.

purple flowers

On Tuesday there was a trip to Memphis for a morning at The Pink Palace Museum and an afternoon at the zoo.  Both of which were free, thanks to an online summer membership at the museum, and free zoo days on Tuesday for residents.  The thing about free zoo days though, my group of friends is not the only group who likes a free day at the zoo.  There were lots of people!  And, it was hot on Tuesday.  My car said 101 degrees when we were leaving at 5 pm.  Of course the parking lot asphalt helped with that high temperature, but still, it was hot.

Pink Palace Museum

fountains at the zoo

the fountains at the zoo did help with the heat

Wednesday I stayed home and started to clean.  I like to start the summer cleaning every room of the house and this week I only got to the school/computer/exercise/sewing room – one room with many uses.  I am happy to have all of the school stuff out of there and that table hasn’t been cleared of books since last August.  I am looking forward to all of the pinning and cutting I will be doing on it now, opposed to the algebra and sentence diagramming that were being done on it before.


Thursday I had some time to even start a sewing project.  I do still need a dress for May and the last one I wrote about doesn’t count.  As always, I ran out of thread so I am waiting on a trip to the store before I can finish.

sewing project

Now, for today, the second Friday of break and the boy and I will be spending part of it in the city with my dear friend and the cousins.  Summer is time for fun after all!

But I must not forget about the part of summer that is for setting goals, for me at least.  Two weeks has been break enough from my treadmill.  Time to go and get started back with that…

For those of you on summer break, I hope you have a great one.  🙂

4 Replies to “The Fun Has Already Begun”

  1. Wow, you finish early. I’m a teacher too in the UK and we’ve just finished for half term. I have six more weeks when I go back, but it’s not too bad. All of our exam classes have now left and we have plenty of trips out planned to ease us into the Summer. Enjoy!


    1. Sounds like a fun way to end the last six weeks! Exam time can be pretty stressful. Thank you, I hope you enjoy your upcoming summer break as well. 🙂


  2. My summer break doesn’t start until another dreadful three weeks (SO not fair) so now I’m working on my thesis, and mentally preparing for my last exams (and wondering if I should postpone one or not). Lovely photos (that monkey:))


    1. Thanks! The monkeys were some of the more active animals of the day. Three weeks will go by fast, so hope you get to enjoy your upcoming break. 🙂


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