Hello there this fine Monday morning!  Maybe it’s a little on the early side, since I am getting a go at this post Sunday night.  I have a post about sewing; it’s about time!  It’s been months since I’ve had any motivation to sew.  In fact, the last time I sat at my sewing machine was some time early January when I started on that hexagon quilt at a friend’s house.  My machine has actually been sitting in the case since then, even despite that long running ‘to-sew’ list I have going on in my mind.  Well, this weekend I think I have gotten out of my no-sew slump.  As you read this, I will most likely be comfortably seated, in the presence of a couple wonderful friends, sewing some on my hexagon quilt.  After that, I’ve got my mind set on a Sew Along.  Finally, another me-made dress is about to make its way into my life.

The Sew Along I am participating in will be Gertie’s B6453, and it will be the first Gertie pattern that I have ever made.  I’m kind of excited about this, as I love her dress styles – perfectly retro – and I have been wanting to make one for a long while now.  I’ve had a couple of her patterns for about a year at least, so I don’t know what I have been waiting for:  this Sew Along I guess.  I’ve had my eye on her book also, and I think once I make this dress I will get myself a copy, cause I’d love to make a bunch of the dresses that I’ve seen from the book.

This week is the week to find material, get the pattern, and all the little notions.  I tried to get the pattern at Joann’s Sunday afternoon, but was strangely disappointed to find that they didn’t have it.  I thought it might have been out of stock, but I didn’t even find it in the pattern book, and I checked the index.  Plus, no slot with a numbered tab in those pattern drawers.  It was strange to me because Joann’s is the store that carries her line of fabric.  So I will be taking to the web to order one since there are no other stores near me that will carry it.  (Walmart, you have disappointed me once again.)  I have some Gertie fabric that I got on clearance last year, but I am afraid that it is not enough since I just saw that I am going to need 4 yards – 4 yards!!  I suppose I will be doing a little online fabric shopping in the next day or two as well.

That is where I am right now as far as sewing goes.  It’s spring break for me and the boy this week and all I have to do is grade papers and plant muscadines.  I think I will have more than enough time to get started with this project.  It’s over a month long, and if I go by the schedule, finding the time shouldn’t be an issue.  I will keep you all updated as I soon shall have some Me-Made-Monday posts to write up.

Anyone else ever participated in a sew along?  I’ve done two, but they were both after the actual event had passed.  I am excited to do this one in real time.  How about a Gertie pattern, anyone ever make one?  Leave me a comment, please, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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