Hello, Hello!  Here we are again, Friday.  It’s been a pretty active week for me.  The boy and I were close to home for a good part of it, which is always nice.  When I am close to home it just means I am nonstop catching up on things around the house.  I had lots and lots of laundry to do.  I forgot that I had run out of laundry detergent the week before, so this week after having bought some from last Friday’s Costco trip, there was a lot more to do than normal.  Whew!  I am glad to be about done with the rest of that today – just in time to start all over again come Monday.

Obviously, laundry is not the only thing I did this week.  I planted three trees last Sunday, racked nine gallons of wine on Monday, and I helped to make some bows for wedding decorations on Wednesday.  I’ve also made it to the gym five times so far this week – it’s been a while since that has happened- and I made it into a storm shelter once, last night.  Active is a pretty good word, wouldn’t you say?

Right now, my day is already getting away from me, and I still have plenty to do before it is over, so this may be my shortest weekly summary yet.  I will spare you all the details and just stick with the basic run down above.  We all survived the hectic week, and last night’s storm blew through with nothing more than lots of wind, lots of lightning and rain, and a lot of hail not far from home, but no dents in my guy’s car – a big sigh of relief that the hail we had was not as bad as what I read about not far from us.  That was my main concern as I heard the hail hitting the garage door (well, that and where were my glasses before we ran across the street to the shelter).  His poor new car has been in the shop twice in the last six months due to storm damage.  I am happy not to have to file another insurance claim on it.  We need to keep good with our insurance company after all, as we’ve also survived 16 years with this boy, and he thinks he’s going to be driving soon…

That’s all from me.  After today’s school work is done, we’re on spring break.  I’ve got some fun things planned starting with this weekend, and I can’t wait for today to be done.  Have a great one, everybody!


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