Vanilla Patchouli Body Scrub // Product Review

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It’s time, once again, when I pretend that I am a beauty-product blogger and tell you all about my latest trial of something wonderful for your skin.  Today, I am talking about body scrub.  This Vanilla Patchouli Body Scrub from Thermalabs.  (I wonder how many times I have mentioned how much I love patchouli on the blog?)  It actually wasn’t just the patchouli that got me interested in this, it was also the fact that this stuff is organic and made from some very good ingredients.  I was also actually looking into getting some body exfoliating products to try when this scrub came my way.

Of all the body scrubs I have bought, I don’t tend to stick with them long enough to use up the whole container.  (Facial scrubs are a bit different though, and those always get used up.)  I think the main reason for this is how messy body scrubs seem to be.  When I say messy I am talking about all that oil sitting on the top of the container that, in my experience, most often spills out when I open it up, leaving a big oil slick of a mess in the tub.  Maybe it’s just me that finds this to be a bit annoying.

So I opened up this container expecting to find the same kind of scenario, a nice bunch of oil floating on top, but this time I told myself I was gonna make more of an effort to not make a mess of it.  Yes, there was plenty of oil, but this is one of the best parts of the body scrub.  All that oil is what makes your skin feel so soft and let me tell you, this body scrub did a wonderful job of leaving my skin soft.  To help keep the oil from making such a mess, I have been making sure to stir everything up with my finger before using it.  I also read that you could just shake the container before opening it.  That’s a great idea, just make sure your lid is on tight!

The exfoliating ingredient comes from Dead Sea salt.  I think it works well; it’s coarse enough to feel like it is really rubbing off those dead skin cells without a drying affect.  This product says it’s safe for sensitive skin, and I can attest to that as I have pretty sensitive skin and I have had no reaction to this product at all.  (I once got a horrible rash on and in my ears from an inexpensive, popular brand of shampoo.  My skin does react to stuff like this.)  Some things that this exfoliating body scrub can be used for are: treating acne & blackheads, ingrown hairs, age spots, eczema, and fine lines.  Also, it’s great to use if you just want your skin to feel wonderful after getting out of the shower.

My final thoughts on this body scrub are that I really like it.  It is messy, but I am getting use to that.  I love the smell, although it definitely is not on the subtle side, and the vanilla is way more prominent than the patchouli.  I truly do like the way it makes my skin feel – very very soft.  I still need to use this product a bit longer to notice any of the other skin benefits, and as of right now, this might be the container of body scrub that I use all of.  Should you be interested in some for yourself, you can find it here.

*I received this item at a discounted price for the purpose of a review.  All opinions are my own and are 100% truthful.

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