Spring break was a success!  I took a break from everything and let me tell you, it was well needed.  I just hadn’t been myself lately, too long lately if I am being upfront, and I just couldn’t keep up.  I started my week off last Monday spending time with some friends, after narrowly missing an awful wreck en route – it really shook me up!  I think my nerves were shot and then I manged a double workout that day, and took on all the stress off rushing from one place to another, having dinner ready in the short time between being here and there, and then getting everything ready for the week at hand, when it was as if I hit a brick wall.  I was tired, so sore, no energy, everything was setting me off, and I just overall was feeling blah.  Tuesday morning, I went back to bed.  I didn’t do my ‘normal’, and I tried as best I could not to worry about anything that wasn’t getting done.  I reexamined my recent health routine, and found I was lacking.  So rest and restore was my main goal for last week.  I didn’t work out once after Monday, but let me tell you I was beyond sore for most of the week anyway.  It was the most laid back week of my life in I don’t know how long, and I truly enjoyed it, nay, needed it!

Besides reading up on health related issues, I spent my down time working on my quilt.  I got a nice start of it and I am really looking forward to getting it pieced together.  It was quite a relaxing task actually.  My guy and the boy were very helpful, as they always are it’s just me telling them I will do it all the time, and they didn’t mind my taking it easy, or the fact that the rugs hadn’t been vacuumed and the laundry was piling up – in fact, I was probably the only one who noticed those little details, ha ha!

So overall, last week was a great week of a break.  I am feeling much better today, and I am starting my week really working on handling stress better – the little things really get to me.  If it doesn’t get done how and when I want, it is okay; and if I get a little behind, it is okay.  As of right now, everything is good, and I am praising the Lord for giving me all that he has!

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