Me Made May: Week 5

The final week of Me Made May has come and gone.  I only wished it wasn’t May when this took place.  I had much less free time than I originally thought.  I did fulfill all of my goals for the month so I don’t have to go into any explanation why I didn’t get to the projects I wanted done or why I didn’t wear any of the things I have made.

However, there was one disappointment for me with this challenge.  You see, I am slightly obsessed with the perfect vintage style dress.  I keep hunting for them online, but many are out of my price range.  So, I thought to take to sewing one.  I did last summer, (you can check it out here) and while happy with the results, I wasn’t happy with the fabric choice, so I wanted another go at it.  (The material ended up being way to flimsy to work with and I later noticed many frays and pulls from the stitching line that ended up into small holes.  I would rather just start over than go through the trouble to fix the bad spots since really, it will need more touch ups down the road.)

Well, I got a new pattern and some good quality material, not the cheapy Wal-Mart stuff I am used to, at the beginning of the month.  Then, the pattern and that lovely polka dot material just sat on my table all month long, waiting for its chance to be transformed into a beautiful vintage style dress.  And it is still there waiting; I got cold feet.  I thought for sure it would end up not how it was supposed to, and then my month-long sewing spree would be nothing more than an absolute disappointment, and I would just throw in the towel all together.  (I can be over-dramatic, sometimes!)

And that is where I am right now.  I still made three new items, just not the one my hopes were set on.  All is not over though, and I am continuing this sewing spree into the rest of summer.  Maybe being a little more relaxed about it, and having gotten some practice with these others will have helped.

Now for this week.  I wore two me-mades, and I know I was planning on more than that, but it didn’t happen.  Instead, I actually found myself in shorts a few times this week and that rarely happens.  Also, I have never made a pair of shorts.

MeMadeMayWeek5I don’t think Yuki cares at all for the skirt, but she definitely approves of the shoes! 

MeMadeMay5This skirt is one of the three items I made this month.

You might be wondering what else I made:

MeMadeMayBoleroA bolero jacket that ended up being slightly on the big side, and I strictly stuck to my measurements.

MeMadeMayB&WAnd this skirt.  I know it needs the final hem still, but I have one last minute adjustment to make first. 

How did everyone else do with Me Made May 2013?  I saw a lot of great posts here on WordPress, and some really nice outfits on Instagram.  I plan to keep sewing on into the summer!  I may get through all of that material I have been hoarding collecting all these years yet…

For a look back at my whole month of Me-Made-May 2013:

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2 Replies to “Me Made May: Week 5”

  1. Love all I’ve seen so far looking forward to your nrw vintage dress!!! I liked the other one too I think you should make another with better material. It looked so pretty on you.


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