It’s Just the End of Another Month

Another month that went by way too fast! And I would have to say, May has also been the busiest of the year so far. I sure hope the summer doesn’t follow along and fly by as well!

I have been keeping up with my photo-a-day challenge and only missed one day this month. (Just like I missed one day in April and March, oops!) I will spare you 31 days of boring, random photos and just give you a look of some of my favorites. I try not to post all of them on Instagram, but some do end up there. So maybe you have seen a few of these before if you are one of my Instagram followers. (I am DMgirl by the way in case you don’t see enough pics of mine on this, here ole blog.)




I stopped to smell photograph quite a few flowers, May does have lots of them.  These are only a few that were taking up space on my iphone and two of them I didn’t even have to plant.  They were just random weeds I pass by on some of my many walks around the neighborhood.




Not one, but two parties, and an umbrella drink just makes everything better!   Also, Wine Down the Alley.  It was a fun month!



A cooler than usual May made for many nights out in front of the fire, and also days inside watching the rain.

And, I must not forget my first month publicly dedicated to sewing.  I think now that the month is over, my sewing skills were rustier than I had first thought.



And one more flower pic, I am just loving them this year, and its even better that some are growing in my yard!


There you have it, a little bit of a look at my May, 2013.  What did you do this month?

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