Me Made May: Week 4

Whew!  This week is finally over, and I have nothing school related to think about for the rest of break.  We had our very last school event for the year, the end of school program, this weekend and it was, as always, wonderful!  A very long day but so much fun and I am kind of sad to say there are a few students who won’t be with us anymore – summer break for some, graduation for others.

As for making clothes, I am realizing now (and actually kind of knew when the month started) May is way too busy to get what I wanted made.  I have still only made one of three Me-Made outfits, and had really hoped that I would have had a new dress to show from our party yesterday, but it didn’t happen.  The good thing is, for the remainder of the month, one week left, I will be happily seated at my sewing table stitching and serging away on the rest of my projects.  And, I just may pull out the rest of my me-mades for a final homemade outfit showcase.  Sorry in advance, they are all gonna be skirts.  I have somehow managed to get rid of any shirts that I have made, except for maternity tops and they are all stashed away in the attic along with the keepsake baby items.

I fulfilled my self-made goal, and wore another homemade item this week.  My very colorful orange skirt.


I used McCalls pattern 3023 and I am coming to realize I don’t much care for elastic skirts lately, which is not good because that is mostly what I have.  However, they are the easiest to make.


Apologies for my slightly blurry outfit picture.  My boy was my photographer this day and he doesn’t have the patience to get a good shot sometimes.  Although, now that I look at it, it didn’t turn out that bad, actually.  And the blurry pattern pic, that was me and my iphone.  Some days I can get a good shot, but most of the time, not really.  I think it is an art in itself to hold a phone steady enough for a good pic.

Until next week, happy sewing to all of my fellow Me-Makers!

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