My Thoughts From the Week

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– Antique shopping is not something that one should do in a few hours time.  It really needs its own day.

– Putting things off to the last minute is never a good idea, and I already knew this.

– Freezing water balloons is harder than it seems.  (Why would someone want to freeze water balloons?)

–  Two and a half weeks was too long to have been without my car.

– Run flat tires really can run while flat.  Even when some of the tread is missing.

– Never expect a trip to the tire shop to be a good way to spend an afternoon.

– Going to Walmart for just a few things never ends up being a trip for just a few things.

– It is possible to be productive while sleep deprived.  (I really need to give myself a bedtime!)

– Freshly cut mint leaves DO NOT make good sun tea.  Does anybody like mint water?

– May is not the best month to add to a homemade wardrobe.  (Why is this month so busy?)

– And lastly, Friday night really is the best night of the week!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

5 Replies to “My Thoughts From the Week”

  1. Agreed on Friday night. And run flat tires sound handy! I’ve never been antique shopping, is that weird? Maybe I should start someday.. probably when I have my own place again! And yes, that IS a long time to be without your car!


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