A Lot About Life, Not Much About Style

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Simplicity 1873

Hi!  I missed out on my Friday post, again.  I just got going with the day and before I knew it, it was over.  Then came the weekend, and between the time spent with friends, wonderful fellowship, sewing, the gym, car washing, you name it, I was too beat to get over here and do anything pertaining to blogging.  Until now.  Here I am, now already into Tuesday, I’m checking on links and writing up a post.  I would have been done with this much earlier had I not had my eyes dilated yesterday morning.  I had started on this yesterday, but then spent most of the day not able to see two feet in front of me.  I had my semi-annual eye doctor appointment in the morning, and while I am always worried that my prescription is going to change, I forgot to worry about how I won’t be able to see well for a little while afterwards.   I’m doing fine today, so on with this post…

It seemed, oh, about a month ago, that I was getting back into some more outfit posts.  I had a few new items that hadn’t been on the blog before, and I was feeling particularly photogenic.  (Ehem, I mean as photogenic as I possible can feel.  This is the funny part, I don’t really like a lot of photos of me, and I think a lot of the time I am horribly unphotogenic.  Ending up with a good picture of myself isn’t something that happens on the first, or even twentieth, try sometimes; but nevertheless, I manage to post plenty of self photos over here on the blog.  Yeah, it’s kind of funny to me.)  Now, where was I going with that…

Oh, yes, a lot about life, and not much about style...  This blog of mine is what is referred to as a ‘lifestyle blog’.  A nice little term in the blogosphere to describe a blog that is basically about whatever – a little bit about this, and a little bit about that.  Lately, I’ve been posting more about my life, and not so much about my style.  I had every intention to get some more style-ish posts up here: outfit of the day, what I wore, you know, things like that.  Maybe even another Me Made Monday type of thing, but I got busy, and all I have had to write about is life.  Which I don’t mind writing about, really.  I have skipped out on my daily journal this whole summer, and have been pretty much relying on the blog for what I’ve been up to.

Simplicity 1873 dress

So, today, I have for you a start to my blogging week with my ramblings and something that I have recently made.  The dress I am wearing is one of several projects that I completed last week.  I’ve been on a roll!  It was an unfinished object, on my dress hanger for months.  I am not even exaggerating with that.  I started it in February, spent a couple of hours on it, tried it on and got sad because I messed it up, and there was no way it would ever fit.  So dress hanger decoration it has been until I finally put in a zipper and hemmed it last week.

Guess what, in six months time, it now fits.  It’s only a little snug under the arms, but that is nothing new for a dress that I’ve made.  My original fitting issues were the waist and the darts that seemed to be a little too high.  When I tried the dress on after months of not bothering, it didn’t seem the darts were as bad as I originally thought.  And how could I have possibly thought the waist was too tight when I had never even had a zipper on it?  It must have been a bad hair day the day I stated on it, I guess.

This dress was actually my ‘wearable muslin’ for Simplicity 1873, and once I got it done, it inspired me to make another, the real one.  Which I did, but I will save that for another day.

And with that, I leave you for now.  My boy is requesting we make a trip to Walmart before heading out to the family vineyard to pick muscadines.  He wants to get the new Madden football game, and I suppose making a trip to Walmart wouldn’t be too bad this early in the day.

Have a great one, everybody!


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