It had to happen, summer break finally had to come to an end.  Alas, I am here with my final Friday post of the summer – and it is actually on a Friday.  I was starting to doubt this post’s existence, but since I am opting out of my afternoon gym trip today (my mind is not up for the challenge of leg day), here I am, able to get in a few words about my week.


It was a pretty good week.  Nothing particularly exciting about it, but I kept busy with a little bit of everything.  Monday started with me at the eye doctor, but then afterwards, it was time to get home and finally do a little bit of cleaning.  Specifically, garage cleaning.  Who likes doing that?  Not I!  I was feeling good though so I didn’t really mind it too much.  Once the garage was cleaned, I moved on to doing something with those wine bottles that I have been hoarding the last several months.  If all goes as planned, I will be bottling wine on Sunday and I knew I was gonna need at least 25 of them and Monday seemed like a good day to get started with the whole cleaning process.  I filled up my big washtub, and since the weather was absolutely wonderful, I decided to do all the label removing and scrubbing outdoors in the cool of the afternoon under the shade of the just cleaned garage.  I spent the whole day outside and it was great!


Tuesday found me and the boy out in the vineyard.  We picked some more grapes and took care of a newly emerged web of worms that we found on one of the vines.  I absolutely hate the kinds of worms that can be found on growing plants, and I would really rather have nothing to do with them, but I know how damaging they can be, so you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.  I will admit that destroying web worms always seems to be somewhat satisfying to me.  But that feeling still doesn’t take away from how disgusting they are.  Ugh!


Wednesday we met the cousins for an afternoon jump session at Sky Zone.  The children wanted to do something fun before on our last week of break, and it was perfect for a last minute outing.  We enjoyed lunch afterwards at the park, in the shade pavilion, very much enjoying another wonderful day of great weather.

Thursday, was my cleaning day and I spent a lot of time going through paper work and throwing things out.  I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to, but a little bit of less clutter is better than what it was before.


And for today, this morning I picked more grapes, we got almost three gallon bags worth, which when added to what we had from the last few pickings, gives me almost enough for more wine.  There is still plenty to pick and I am anxious to see what we end up with this year.  This afternoon the boy and I spent time with the cousins and a couple of friends.  We had a last minute lunch together and took a little stroll through a nearby visitors center/museum.  There are Civil War exhibits all over the place around here.  It was fun!


Now, I just got done taking a couple of outfit photos for my once again late, Thursday Thrift post that won’t be up until next week.  After I finish up here, I am going to organize my deep freezer to make room for grapes, and start on dinner.


I’ve been busy, yes, but life is good!  Hope you all have a great weekend.

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