I started this one back in June or July.  All it really needed was to be attached at the waist and hemmed; but there it was, hanging on my sewing valet as an unfinished project.




For some reason I did not like it.  Number one reason: I was worried it wasn’t going to fit.  When I put the bodice on as I was making it, it seemed as if it was gonna be a little snug.  I hate going through all the trouble to make something and have it not fit.  Also, I was pretty sure the neck was going to be too high.  I was also having such a hard time ironing the material.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  So I stopped where I was and instead I think I started making my Mini Cooper dress.  Project shelved, and I think I even contemplated turning it into a skirt.

Then one day, a couple of weeks back, as I was cleaning up my sewing corner I took it from the hanger to fold it up and put it away when I noticed it had the pockets sewn in and all the darts were done, essentially it was over half way finished.  I didn’t even need to read the directions at this point, and you know what, it didn’t really seem to look that tight fitting or high-necked after all…


I gathered the skirt and attached it to the bodice last week and even put in the zipper just to find out that it did in fact fit, but I didn’t like the way the zipper looked.  I unpicked it and decided I’d put in an invisible one the next time I had some time.  That time came on Sunday.  The invisible zipper saved the day, or rather the dress.  I ended up liking it so much after all.  I am still a little bugged at how hard it is to keep it looking ironed though.  But it’s okay, it works well for a casual, breezy style dress.

70 degrees on December 26th


Here are a few more details about this make.  It is from the Butterick 6086 pattern.  It has a high-low hem, which is what I found most attractive about the dress.  The instructions call for a lining, but I ignored that and just went with some 2 inch folded bias strip facings around the neck and arms instead.  It has pockets, yes, and only two sets of darts: one set in the front and one set in the back.  I made it with no other changes; a pretty easy make!


The fabric I chose was cotton lawn from the Cotton and Steel collection at fabric.com (it is unfortunately no longer available).  For awhile I’d been reading about other online sewists making dresses out of cotton lawn fabric.  Being somewhat ignorant of different kinds of materials – I know cotton and polyester for sure – I was really wanting to get my hands on some cotton lawn myself.  I was very happy to have found this on sale, and I only got two yards which was just the right amount for this dress in a size 8 – facings not included, and remember I did not line the dress.  The material is really smooth and very lightweight.  I also think it has a pretty nice drape.  My only complaint is that it is hard to iron, but I have already said that more than enough times, haven’t I?

Oh, and officially the fabric was called Cookie Book, but I kept thinking it was Cookie Jar, thus the name for my dress:  The Cookie Jar dress.


Attempted jumping in new dress fail, ha ha!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

3 Replies to “The Cookie Jar Dress”

    1. I am the same way about ironing the seams sometimes. I think cotton lawn would be great for some nice sleep wear such as a night slip or lounge pants. Or perhaps as lining material. It does have such a smooth feel. Thanks for stopping by.


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