Good morning, all!  I finally got a chance to get a little bit ahead this past weekend with the blog, so as you all read this I will probably be sleeping soundly for a couple more hours.  (I scheduled this post in advance.)  It’s a day off for my guy this Monday so that means a partial day off for me as well.  I love days like this, second Sundays I like to call them.


I’m not feeling very photogenic myself as I write this post up.  You see, I had a nice hit to the nose Saturday evening, and I can’t quite decide if my nose looks any different or not.  It’s a little swollen, and I’ve got myself that raccoon eye look, no makeup necessary.  I’m a little bit bruised and did not one bit feel like taking new dress outfit photos on Sunday.  I am, however, pretty sure my nose didn’t break.  So how did this happen anyway?  My guy and I were messing around, laughing at how protective Yuki seems to be whenever either of us starts laughing too hard or acting like we are having too much fun.  And as we were trying to see who she would come and rescue – it really is funny to see her act all tough when she thinks one of us is in distress – I knocked my nose into the back of my guy’s head.  I heard it and felt it.  Ugh!  No nose bleed though, and it didn’t hurt so bad when we were feeling it out to see if there seemed to be anything out of place.  Plus, it still looks straight, at least my guys are telling me it does.  I’ve never really examined my nose so much in my life that I am now starting to wonder if it always really did look the way it does.  I am keeping an eye on it and so far it seems to be doing okay.  I’ve been icing it plenty.


That was the excitement to my weekend.  That and my guy finally got a deer while out hunting.  My boy’s deer count is still zero, but there are a few more weeks left in the season so he’s not out of the game just yet.  While they were hunting, I was finishing up a couple of those dresses I mentioned the other day.  I’ve got one left to go.  Also, while they were hunting in the afternoon, I got started with the second racking of all that wine I am making from the summer’s harvest.  It is all tasting pretty good.  One batch is a little tart but there is time for it to get better.  I think.

bloomin twigs

I am a little off track, I want this post to be about pictures.  I started looking through my photos from the year on Friday night and found the ones that were my absolute favorites from 2016.  I think I will forever be working on becoming that photographer that I want to be, but you know what, I don’t think you ever stop learning when it comes to photography.  Actually, I don’t think you ever stop learning when it comes to lots of things, if not everything.  I have no problems looking at myself as a complete work in progress.


The photos above I have posted before, and here are the rest that are my favorites as of right now.



Okay, technically I didn’t take this one, Ethan did. And I didn’t really like it at first. I’m glad I didn’t delete it though because it has grown on me. I love it now!

I kind of surprised myself by my lack of picture taking this year.  Usually I have way more to chose from.  I think that video clip project I have been doing has taken over some of my picture taking.  I am getting anxious for the year to be over so that I can start working on condensing a year of video clips into a five minute video.  How I am going to do it, I don’t know.  It will be fun to try though.  Okay, back to pictures again.  Here are the rest.




And that is all.  I love taking pictures of anything and everything.  I only wish that I was better at taking those of myself.  I will just have to keep working on it.

PS – None of these were from my iPhone.  Finally a post with no lousy iPhone photos. 🙂

2 Replies to “Favorite Photos of 2016”

    1. Thank you! It took a little time to narrow them down, but it was neat looking back on all the pictures I took from the year. I sometimes don’t think I am getting any better at taking pics, but after seeing them all, I guess I kind of am compared to the years past.


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