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I have been thinking of joining a CSA for a while now.  In case anyone is wondering what a CSA is, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  A local farm grows produce, and /or raises animals for food, you pay into it and get a weekly share of what is produced.  I recently came across some info about a CSA that is somewhat close to me, well kind of, and talked to a friend who thought she might be interested as well.  It turns out, I may finally be joining a CSA!  This is great for me because it ensures that I get freshly grown (non-certified but essentially organic) produce right until the end of the year.  Out of the three in this family, two of us eat our veggies, and one of us- me – kind of knows how to cook.

Wait, did I say this was a good thing?  I am now starting to think that my cooking experience is somewhat lacking and I am starting to think that I may be getting more than my house wife skills can handle…  Even though, I am very excited!  It is not official yet, but probably in the next couple of weeks, my friend and I will be members of a local CSA.  I my never have to garden again!  (That is if you would consider what I do now in my overgrown with weeds, piece of dirt, gardening!)

All two of the apples I ended up with this year. Aren’t ‘spots on my apples’ a good thing for the environment?

I have never made anything with Ripbor, Dino, or Red Russian Kale.  Nor have I ever seen Broccoli Raab, but I am sure they all are delicious!  And beets, what shall I make with beets?  The recipes are endless.  Well, I am sure they are endless, and I need to get a hold of a recipe book that uses these ingredients, because I will not be letting anything go to waste.  My life in the kitchen is about to become much more creative!  I will let you all know how things progress (assuming that I do, in fact, get accepted into said CSA).

It did look so good on the tree!

This was about the size my watermelons got to just before the cooler evenings showed up.  I think that is about it for my watermelons this year.