Between the Grass and the Grapes

July grapes

Two Mondays in a row and I have no new clothes in my closet (except that black and white striped shirt that I bought last week. It was only three dollars, how could I pass it by?). Well, no new clothes of the homemade sort anyway. Sorry for any of you who stopped by to see something like that. I did get started on something, but only got as far as a few seams then realized that I didn’t have any more interfacing. It’ll be sitting on my sewing table, as is, for a couple of days until I make it to the store, but it’s a start at least.  I’m making the Simplicity 1803 again.  Only this time, one of the different versions – the one without sleeves and with the neck yoke.  I hope it comes out alright because rather than fine tune my last version, I am going with a size smaller.  It should fit…  I hope it fits…

Sewing was just one of the things I finally got to this weekend.  The family also did yard work.  Yes, it’s a group effort now.  The boy mows, my guy uses the weed eater, and I get to spend the time behind the push mower.  Hey, how is it not the other way around with my boy behind the push mower while I am sitting comfortably on the riding mower, working on my tan?  Oh, yeah, I know why.  If I left the push mower up to him, he just might mow over the few things in the yard that I actually have growing besides grass and weeds.  Anyway, the group effort makes it really nice.  A little less for each of us to do.

EJ mowing

The day wasn’t over with just our yard either.  We headed out the the family property, the vineyard portion, and worked on the vines.  I did the vine part while the boy found his place seated comfortably, once again, on the riding mower; however, not before helping me with a little pest control.  If you saw these disgusting things on my Instagram or Facebook feed, I apologize for showing them once again.  As gross as they are though, they kind of photograph well.


That was about the sum of my weekend.  I also did a little bit of ebay browsing, and managed once again to put off my ironing for the week.  Hope casual Monday will be alright for my guy…  Oh, that’s right, he does have a shirt or two left in the closet that’s freshly pressed, my ironing procrastination should be good for one more day.  Now for this week, a lot of time is going to be spent in the sun:  swimming, some more vine tending, and the blueberry picking is getting close to being done.  Here’s hoping I don’t come across anymore caterpillars.

3 Replies to “Between the Grass and the Grapes”

    1. I googled it because I was curious and they are called Hyalophora Cercropia caterpillars. They turn into cercropia moth which actually are pretty cool looking. Too bad they have to be disgusting caterpillars first. 😉


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