My Week as a Homebody, Well Kind of…

Who’s happy it’s Friday?  I am!  I had a pretty laid back week after last weekend away.  I was happy to stay home and not do too much for once this summer, but then I got to thinking about it this morning, and you know what?  My week at home wasn’t exactly a week at home.  Since I made an intentional effort to stay on vacation mode though, I at least felt like I was more of a homebody, taking it easy, even though I actually was in fact out and about more than I even realized, and doing quite a bit.

I baked, I swam, I went to Jackson – twice, I ate out almost every night, and I went to the family property.  Plus, sat in on a few gardening lectures and made it to work out.  Doesn’t seem like I was a homebody much at all, does it?  Having a relaxed mindset sure does make it seem a lot less busy though.  I should keep this in mind more often.


Some details about the week.  It had been two years since I made the annual UT Extension garden show, and a few friends of mine were going, so I decided to join them for a few hours.  I didn’t stay as long as they did and only caught three of the lectures, but I was glad that I went.  I learned a few things about growing grapes, and about planting around this part of Tennessee, plus got some ideas on garden art.  I only wished that my guy felt the same way as I do about wine bottles decorating the yard, but that is alright.  I guess I am fine keeping our wine bottles full of drinkable liquid in the utility room, rather than having them filled with dirt and morning dew buried in the backyard.  😉



I got some of my summer shoes finally worn.  I have a month and a half left to wear my remaining shoes for the Shoperwoman shoe challenge before I start packing them up for the Goodwill, and I still want to keep every single pair, well mostly every single pair, so I took the couple of opportunities out this week to wear these.

Shoe Save 25 – Colin Stuart
Shoe Save 26 – Colin Stuart

I’ve been on the fence about keeping the black ones, but wore them anyway to give myself a little more time to decide.  There will probably be a lot more shoe pictures to come between now and September just so you know.

And that was the gist of my week.  I did a lot for thinking I didn’t do much.  As much as I hate to say it, there are only five weeks left before the next school year starts.  I am gonna remember this week and keep a laid back, carefree attitude for at least four more of them.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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