A Little Bit of Inspiration – of the Sewing Kind

It’s not Monday, and over here on the blog I am trying to make Mondays be about sewing projects and things that I have made/completed.  I didn’t have anything to show for this week – being out of town last weekend kind of made it hard to have the time to make something – so, instead, I’m gonna write about what I want to make on a Wednesday.

I wanted to take part in a neat little sewing along that started last month, an outfit along actually, and I didn’t even get started.  You see, part of this ‘outfit along’ was to knit a sweater to go with a dress, thus giving one a complete outfit.  I had good intentions to start my first wearable (ahem, if wearable would be what I would call my first knitted cardigan) knitting project, but got cold feet and haven’t even started yet.  The dress part of the sew along just so happens to be one that I have already made two of.  Remember April’s Dress?  Two dresses in a row from the same pattern is about all I can do before wanting to try and make two of something else.  Although, the sewalong could be any dress, but there are just pointers and instructions for that particular one.  Long story short, I am still inspired to knit a sweater and I am gonna go with the intended dress from the outfit along as soon as I get my knitting confidence up – I still need a little more practice with a few kinds of stitches.  The deadline of the project is July 31st so I suppose there is still time should I want to dive on in.  Still time for me to start that is, cause there is no way I would have the cardigan part finished by the deadline for sure.  You can click on the image for information about the project should you be interested yourself.

Next on my ‘I want to make’ list:

A Maxi Dress like this one from Simplicity:

Simplicity 1801I found a lovely version of it online that Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking made.  Hers is very pretty with a wonderful looking geometric print.  Sometimes I over look patterns completely until I see how someone else has made them.  This was one such pattern.  I think it would make a great long dress in a geometric style fabric – just like the one she made.

And lastly on my list – for today anyway – another dress, are you surprised?  And this one I have had on my to make list for a while and even went as far as getting the pattern and some material.  I haven’t started yet but very easily could, like right now, if I wanted to.


I have two pieces of fabric to choose from though, so it might take longer to get going on it than I would want.  I am always so indecisive when it comes to picking which material to use, but I guess I’m even MORE indecisive when deciding which material to buy that is why I bought both of these.

Should I go with the first one or the second one?  Maybe one of each…

blue and gold materialCelia Be Square material

I’m kind of partial to the first, and the blue color a little bit makes me think of this version made by The Quirky Peach that was the final push for me as far as wanting to make this dress as soon as possible.

So knitting and a few dresses are what I have on my sewing mind for this Wednesday morning.  If I didn’t have bathrooms to clean, blueberries to pick, and muffins to make, I would probably be spending the day in front of my sewing machine.  But alas, there are more pertinent things I must tend to for now.

Hope everyone is having a great week, and I hope to get a little something made and ready for the blog come Monday.  Until next time…

4 Replies to “A Little Bit of Inspiration – of the Sewing Kind”

  1. Oh man, you’re making me miss my sewing machine dreadfully! I have noticed that pretty often the real-life product, chosen in an awesome pattern or with extra details added, looks way better than the pictures of the pattern on the package! And I really love that square print fabric you have!


    1. The very first thing I bought when I got married was a sewing machine and I have had one ever since. I would miss it terribly if I had to give it up. I wish that I could say I would learn to sew by hand without it, but I don’t think I would.
      Of the two, the square printed one is my favorite. 🙂


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