Nothing Thrifted to See Here…

Good morning, all you blog readers.  How is today finding you where you are?  Me, it’s gonna be another wonderful day, I can already tell.  Another wonderful day, weather wise with low humidity, a cool breeze, and temps in the low 80’s.  Wonderful I say!

Who’s been thrifting lately?  Unfortunately, not I.  I am afraid I have nothing blog worthy to show for this week’s Thursday Thrift.  My current outfits consist of mostly a black and white striped t-shirt and whatever cargo skirt that isn’t lost in the overflowing mess that is my closet, my swimwear, or my gym clothes.  It’s just been one of those weeks where I have worn nothing blog worthy (if you could call everything else I’ve put up here blog worthy, I don’t know…).

Anyway, nothing thrifted to see here, as my title already indicated, so instead, how about some shoes?  I saved a couple more pairs this week.  It’s time to do the final count, but like I already mentioned, my closet, well, it is a mess.  I need to clean it up before taking on a shoe count cause I have a feeling there are some shoes I might miss otherwise.  Just to clarify, I am trying to clear out the stuff I don’t wear and I had started a neat little pile on top of some folded comforters.  My boy needed one of these folded comforters so pulled it out from underneath all the neatly placed clothes and that was just the beginning.  Then we went out of town and had to drag out the suitcases so this pile of clothes became less of a pile and more like many piles, now not just confined to one area of the closet.  Plus, the summer clothes finally came out and nothing else got put back to take its place.  What a mess really!  But this week we are swimming and not cleaning closets.

Okay, shoes, here they are.  All two pairs of them, saved and ready to wear next year.  (Hopefully they will get worn sooner than that though.)

Shoe Save 27 - Xhiliration brand
Shoe Save 27 – Xhiliration brand
Shoe Save 28 - Candies brand
Shoe Save 28 – Candies brand

I didn’t have anything thrifted today, but maybe you did.  Leave me a comment, or if I find your #ThursdayThrift post, I’ll add a link here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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