Yes, I Now Have Three of These Dresses

Simplicity 1803

retro style

Retro style dress

Because, why wouldn’t I have three of the same dress?  Wouldn’t you if you were trying to perfect a pattern and thought maybe just maybe the third time would be the best one yet?  Well, after making this dress THREE times, I think I finally have it down so that my next one will be perfect.  Yup, I said next one, because at this point a fourth one is inevitable, only not for a little while yet.  I have finally tired myself out with this pattern for the time being.

I can’t believe it but after sizing down completely, this dress still ended up a little looser than I would have liked.  You maybe cannot tell from the pictures, but about half an inch from each shoulder should do the trick, and maybe about just as much from the bodice will give me what I am looking for – the perfect Simplicity 1803.

I was really worried going into this after sizing down though, because according to the finished pattern measurements, I would be cutting it pretty close – about 1/2  inch less than my actual measurements, but I had nothing to worry about.  I am even willing to say that I would probably be alright sizing down one more time.  Ah, this pattern ease thing can be a bit of a pain!  I guess I’ll just keep making wearable muslins until I get it right.  In the mean time, all three of the versions I have made in my quest for perfection all seem to fit fine considering I am not completely satisfied with any of them.  I am probably the only one noticing these fitting issues, but I am aiming for the perfect dress here.

Simplicity 1803 pattern

One other thing about this pattern, I do not recommend the cut out neckline version.  That is what this one was supposed to be, but that was a big mistake.  I had to unpick and redo the bodice completely after trying it on and feeling like I was about to choke myself with the ridiculously high neckline.  To me it sure didn’t seem that high up in the picture, and I had read some other opinions about this version so I did lower it some to begin with, but it wasn’t enough to make it wearable for me.  I really wanted to just scrap the whole thing altogether after this, but I liked the material enough to persevere.  I might have spent more time seam ripping than sewing on this one, but I guess that is how it goes sometimes.

Now, I am ready to move on to the Simplicity 2444 pattern using my nice and new, non-clearance material.  I will probably go smaller than I think I should just because if past experience is anything, I don’t think it will be a bad idea.

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