It’s Friday and Here is My Post

A Friday is almost not really a Friday for me without sitting down to write up a blog post.  And so, before any more time gets away today, I am sitting down to write up a blog post.

When this week began, I had planned to get ahead with some of my blog stuff.  Maybe make sure to wear something thrifted and get photos of it that way my next Thursday Thrift post would not be waiting on me until the last minute.  Also, I wanted to get a start on something me-made for a post come Monday, but neither of these blogging goals happened.  Instead, I have been once again mostly wearing swimming attire – messy hair included – and using any free moments to make sure there is enough clean laundry put away for hubby’s next day of work.  It’s been a busy one for sure, and I have hardly been home.

It’s also fruit season around here, so any free moments left after my days of swimming, driving, auntie duty, and dealing with laundry have involved me, google and all of those articles that I keep coming across about how to make wine, jelly, and about tree identification.  I am waiting on the last of my blueberries to ripen and in the mean time, I am getting ready to make my first of many homemade jams or jellies (what’s the difference, anyway?  Another question for google, I guess).  The elderberries are almost ripe, and what we thought were elderberries growing in a tree, were in fact wild cherries, so I am needing to do something with them, I guess it could still be made into syrup but I am thinking of jelly instead.  I turned down my neighbors offer at half of his last row of purple hulled peas which  was probably a good thing cause doing anything with them this week probably wouldn’t have happened.  And just before I sat down at the computer to begin with this, I finished up the beginning part of my next batch of wine.  My first attempt at fresh fruit wine was a failure, and I need to figure this wine making thing out.  We are going to need to know what we are doing before long.  I am so glad I don’t also have a vegetable garden to be tending to right now.

Surely by next week I will have some free time at the house, but then again maybe not.  I must not forget about by duties as a temporary farm hand.  There will be goat milking in my not too distant future – starting Sunday.  And with only one week left of the public swimming pool, I reckon a good part of my days will be spent there for a little bit longer yet.

Well, there you have it, my Friday post, and whew, I am tired just writing about this little part of what I have been doing.  I wonder if I have time for a nap before I tackle the house cleaning…

20140725-142241-51761109.jpgAnd I guess one more week at the pool doesn’t sound that bad.  It is summer and it does beat house work.  😉

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