Photo Friday: Sparassis Spathulata

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I already gave the run down on my life lately this week, so no need to write about the other two things I have done since then, pick grapes and start to clean my house, instead I thought a photo Friday was in order.

sparassis spathulata

Sparassis spathulata, who knows what that is?  Last Sunday, I would have just called it a weird looking mushroom.  It reminded me a little bit like coral, or a cauliflower, so I googled mushroom that looks like coral and came straight to the answer.  My dad found it in the woods and thought I would be interested in seeing it.  He gave me no idea of what it was he was going to show me, he only said to bring my camera.  I’ve seen many a wild mushroom in my day, but nothing quite like this.

sparassis spathulata

Apparently it is edible, but not being a fan of mushrooms, I passed on doing anything with it except taking a few pictures.  From what I read, it often comes back in the same place every year, so should I change my mind about eating weird looking things that grow in the forest by this this time next year, I will know exactly where to go.

3 Replies to “Photo Friday: Sparassis Spathulata”

  1. I would need to know the health benefits. Then I would goggle the best way to prepare it and eat it. I really enjoy mushrooms.


    1. There are some foods I can overcome my dislike of because of the health benefits. I do eat mushrooms, once in awhile, but I don’t think I am ready to make the leap to wild ones anytime soon.


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