It’s nice and rainy in West Tennessee this Thursday afternoon.  How is the weather where you are?  I went out walking around the yard the other day and was surprised to see that I had flowers growing in my backyard.  And there were so many!  I planted black-eyed Susans maybe five years ago?

I just looked it up, it was spring of 2013 when I thought I had unsuccessfully planted seeds, and I was surprised by flowers growing in the summer of 2014.  It’s been awhile!  This area usually gets mowed over and this year my boy had a later than usual start with the weed whacker thanks to being out of string for it.  These flowers are the only good thing that came of that, cause had he done his yard work early in the season, I’d have never known I had them.  I can finally say I have a flower garden, and I love it!  Weeds and all.

Speaking of weeds, besides some very sad looking roses, I have plenty of my favorite weed growing in the front yard: Queen Anne’s Lace, or wild carrot as it is also called.  There are fields of this everywhere, and I hesitate to pick a new bouquet every week.  The few times I have picked any, I usually end up with the stems that are covered in ants.  I mostly enjoy these while on my daily neighborhood walks walks with Yuki.

Here are a few of those sad roses I mentioned.  Did I also mention I am probably the worst gardener in my neighborhood?  Oh, well, I have a flower garden so maybe not that bad?

A couple more things, of the edible sort: blueberries and underneath all those weeds by my blackberry trellis, blackberries.  I don’t reckon I will have enough blueberries for wine this summer, my harvest is off to a slow start, but we do have plenty to eat on a daily basis, and those plain ol’ protein shakes of mine have a little extra flavor these days.

And lastly of what is growing in my yard, baby birds.  I found the nest in the old grille with eggs in it not too long ago.  I looked last week, and the eggs had hatched.  I was happy to see this week that the babies are doing very well.  I was not that hopeful after last summer’s mailbox nest that had eggs that never hatched, and after accidentally destroying a nest that was hidden in one of my rose bushes.  I will be on the lookout for new little birds flying around soon.

I’m so happy I got another post up this week.  I almost didn’t think it would happen.  I am having computer problems.  My hard drive is so full of pictures that things are not loading properly.  Photoshop often prompts me that I don’t have enough space when I am trying to edit, and I can’t even view my pictures or upload anymore on occasion.  Somehow I made it work today, but yesterday I couldn’t do anything.  Have I also mentioned that my computer is almost 10 years old?  For a computer, that is so old!  I think I am going to contact my finance department and see if there is anything that can be done about this…  My love, the blog depends on it.  😉

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