Last Thursday my guy and I had a chance to get away for an evening, and as is always the case, I had a camera close by to document the night.  Here is our night in Memphis, with pictures.

The night started at Firebird’s for dinner.  Never mind any pics from here, nothing that we ate was that exciting.  I had a chicken sandwich and my guy ate ribs.  We made a good mess of bread crumbs on the table, and I am pretty sure no one wanted to see that.

We headed downtown to check in to our room and take in the sites from our very own balcony.  To the right:

To the left:

Nothing too exciting to see here.  Don’t let the view fool you though, our room was very nice and we paid for how close it was to where we wanted to be: hardly a block’s walk to the Mud Island entrance, and – oh, look at how my dress drapes like the curtain!  My dress is the one with cherries on it, in case you were confused.  Ha ha!

I cropped off all the heads of the people that were waiting in line once we got to the Mud Island entrance.  We thought they were waiting in line for the monorail, turns out the line was for the escalator that leads to the monorail.  We skipped the second line, and took the pedestrian route instead.  Such beautiful views, and the weather couldn’t have been better for the evening.  Breezy, with not much humidity.  I’m sure it was humid, but not humid enough to make my bangs not strait anymore, and that’s my very own humidity detector.

We made it over the bridge without one single selfie, and then to the left towards the amphitheater.  I realized at this point that the steep hill to the side of the entrance was where my boy and I sign sledded that one time years back.  It was a lot steeper looking from the top than I had remembered.

It was our first time at this venue, and I didn’t even realize that it was outdoors until the week before last when that downtown Jackson show we tried to see got cancelled cause of the rain.  I told my guy at that time at least the next show we would see wouldn’t be rained out.  I was right but also I was wrong.  When I looked up the venue and our tickets, it said rain or shine.  I guess had the weather been bad we would have just sat in the rain and watched the show.  I couldn’t imagine how the performers on stage and their equipment wouldn’t get wet though… No need to worry, the weather was perfect.  Also perfect, our seats.  We were just left of center, nine rows from the stage.  I did well picking them out this time.

As is usually the case, the theater was somewhat empty until the main act.  This was the fourth time we’ve seen Norah Jones (Obviously, one of the only live music shows we go to) and it was another great show.  I really liked the venue with the downtown lights and the river view, but the seats were the most uncomfortable seats ever.  My guy and I would have preferred to stand.

Besides that, everything else was perfect.  We spent some time looking at the night lights after the show before heading back to the room.  Partly because the evening was so pretty, and partly because there was only one way off the island, and everyone was in line waiting to leave.  We, once again, walked across the bridge and avoided the extra wait for the monorail.

Our room wasn’t very close to anywhere with late night food or drinks, and the trolley wasn’t running, so we got a couple of beers appropriate for Memphis from the Ghost River Brewery that were available in the lobby, and called it a night.

It was another great night out with the love of my life, that I will always remember.  Thanks for reading.

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