Hello, hello!  It’s not Friday anymore, I know.  I was out of town and on the road a lot last week, so I am playing catch up today.  How about last week?

backyard bouquet

It started off as a nice Sunday close to home.  It now seems like it was so long ago, and the highlight of this day was grocery shopping and meal planning for the week.  I think I spent the most I ever have at one time on groceries at Walmart this day.  I think it had something to do with my guy being with me, which he never is when I grocery shop, and we went shopping hungry.  I’ve always heard that is a bad idea.  Now I know why.  Well, there were several non-food items that came home with us, and I think really that was the main contribution to the extra charges.

Friday was my best step day of the week.

Monday, I racked wine.  This is almost a weekly activity, as you long time readers no doubt already know.  Everything’s going well in the wine room.  Monday was also the start of my driving week.  My boy worked out of town this day and there was a bit more traveling than usual.  Also this week, a bit more gym time than usual.  I was determined to be the FitBit winner of the weekly workout challenge this week, so when my boy went to the gym, I tagged along and hit the elliptical to help get in some extra steps.  It worked, barely, and I won by almost 2,000 steps.  It was a close one for sure, and I wouldn’t have done it without those extra gym trips.

I am the winner!
One room in the house is clean.

Tuesday was the only day I was home.  I tried to get caught up on house stuff.  I did manage to clean my school room which is solely a sewing/computer room during the summer.  It’s all ready for all the sewing I have big plans to do.  Hopefully it will be more than just plans.  Also, I made something new for dinner and it was a new recipe success story.  I haven’t had one of those in awhile.  I do always love it when everyone is happy with what I make for dinner.  Today also was the start of my blueberry harvest.  It’s a little on the low side so far, but I’m hoping by next week to have enough to start freezing.

Cheeseburger casserole with venison.  Recipe here.

Wednesday I spent a good part of the day at a friend’s house, and there was an attempt at sewing.  I took my machine to work on that quilt I started piecing together a few months back, but silly me forgot my sewing pedal and couldn’t figure out how to get my seam allowances right on my friend’s machine.  I was a big failure this day in the sewing department.

Thursday was the busiest day of the week for me.  My guy and I made plans back in December to go see a show in Memphis and today was the day.  I drove him to work so that I could pick him up later in the day on our way to Memphis without having to worry about getting two vehicles home.  That took an hour out of the start of my day.  I had lots of house work to do cause I did not want to come home to a messy house for the weekend, and I told my boy I would take him to the gym for a little while before the day got away.  We spent more time than usual here and that had me rushing for the rest of the afternoon before heading to Memphis.  Luckily, I knew what I was going to wear and it didn’t have to be ironed.

The afternoon came, I picked up my guy, and we were west bound.  Our night out was wonderful.  We had a great room, dinner was good, and once again, Norah Jones did not disappoint.

Friday, we spent some time in Memphis.  We checked out the Bass Pro Shop pyramid.  It was huge!  Ate lunch outside at the Cheesecake Factory, and then hit Costco for a few more groceries before heading home.  The evening was relaxing even though I spent a little bit of time cleaning before dark.  I didn’t have to make dinner and this helped me start my weekend with a clean kitchen.  I do love it when that happens!

And that was last week.  I’ve got a good start at this week already, and now I’m off to pick blueberries.  I’d say before it gets too hot, but I think that’s already happened.  I will be back soon.

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