This Weekend…

Hello there, all you in the blogosphere!  How was the weekend for everyone?  I enjoyed a very nice and rainy Sunday indoors, back and forth between my sewing machine table, the work table, and the ironing board, and I have a nice, new me-made dress to show for it.  Unfortunately, I have no blog photos of the dress, just the one I posted on Instagram.  Here, for those of you non-Instagramers, you can see it too if you would like:


There are two reasons for no blog dress photos; one, because yesterday looked like this,


and it was about 8pm when I got done, so it was much too dark for outfit photos of the dress.  I have every intention to wear it this week, as soon as I get all of those fabric marker spots off, and a post about it is pretty much inevitable.  It was my first modification to a pattern, and for the most part, it came out all right.  I’m gonna have a few things to say about it.  Watch this space.


Now, for the rest of the weekend (and I’m including Friday in this little wrap up of my weekend), the boy and I did make it to Memphis Friday morning for donuts and an afternoon at the Mud Island Museum.  We met my dear friend and the cousins and it was a wonderful day!  The weather was nice, a little humid, but not humid enough to mess up my hair.  (That is how I judge humidity.  If it makes my bangs curl, it is far too humid for my liking, and I’d rather be indoors.)  There ware no curled bangs, only a very wrinkly skirt, and that had nothing to do with the weather, just a poor choice of attire for the almost two hour drive.

At Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme was great; there were donuts, how could it not be great?   Unfortunately, they don’t give tours of the back anymore, we only got to hear about what goes on in the back as we watched through the windows.  Then, we were given pencils and free donuts.  Yes!

Mud Island

From here, it was on to Mud Island, only after grabbing a take away lunch and getting a bonus Elvis wanna-be sighting.  Sorry, no pictures of the sub sandwiches we had, or the man with dyed black hair and side burns.  It was Elvis week and Graceland was free on Friday, the doughnut factory was just down the road, so there were plenty of Elvis wanna-be sightings – but no time for pictures, we were on a schedule, kind of.

Mud Island river walk

Hernando de Soto Bridge

Downtown Memphis

Mud Island was fun.  We had tried to go last October, but ended up riding the trolley instead because it is not open on Mondays – which was the day we went last.  It’s just your typical museum.  It wasn’t that big, but there were lots of neat exhibits, and even a short little monorail ride.  What I really liked was the downtown view and the Mississippi River walk.  What the children had the most fun with, however, was the great big hill and the signboards that were laying at the bottom.  I even gave it a go, but only from the halfway point, I was wearing a wrinkly skirt after all.  And if I can figure this out, here is a video clip of my boy.  I wasn’t too sure this was a good idea at first…

That was my weekend.  What did yo do?  Anything fun?

Me & EJ Mud Island

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