The Last High Five for Summer

That’s it, this summer break is finally nothing but a memory of the past.  It was a great one and I am reluctantly preparing for this upcoming school year.  I will admit, I am a little excited about it, but the boy doesn’t want to hear anything about my excitement.  (Secretly, I think he is a little bit too.  Once the school shopping takes place, the back to school attitude gets a little bit better.  😉 )

This week, it was just as busy as I had expected.  Not much free time at the house, but that’s fine, I did manage a little free time in the city for a few hours while my boy was spending the afternoon with friends so it wasn’t all that bad.  So now, this week’s five highs, in no particular order:

Lake Day 2014

1.  Lake day.  This is always a big deal for everyone involved, and not in a bad way.  We were a few weeks later than our usual getting out there this year, but that didn’t change anything about it.  It was still tons of fun, and maybe the best thing about the later date, not nearly as many boats and people on the water; we had more of it to ourselves.

2.  Back to school shopping.  Shopping is always fun for some, myself included, and it is even more fun when it’s not just window shopping.  I found a little something for all of us, and having to try things on wasn’t as painful as Ethan thought it would be.  Do teenage boys ever like to go shopping?  (It’s probably a good thing for my guy that we don’t have girls.)

quilt almost done

3.  Quilting.  My quilting goal for this summer was to have mine done, and it looks like it is just about there.  As I write this, there really isn’t that much left.  We have the final border to go, and according to the calendar, it is summer until the end of September.  I think I will have it done with time to spare.


4.  Antique window shopping.  I mentioned that I had several hours of free time this week, free time without my boy while in Jackson, so I took advantage of this and went downtown to browse some of those thrift and antique stores that I always want to look in.  If shopping with my boy when he is the one getting stuff is difficult, imagine how fun it would be for him to walk around looking at ‘junk’.  (Really, he’s a good sport about going shopping with me, it’s just when he has to try things on that makes him annoyed, and dressing rooms sometimes even bug me, so I know where he’s coming from.)  I enjoyed the time alone antique browsing.

The last of my high five and I don’t really have much to say about it yet,

5.  Donuts.  The boy and I are headed to see how donuts are made.  We know someone, who knows someone, that is giving a tour of the Krispy Kreme in Memphis, and it’s almost time to make the donuts.  This, no doubt, will mean that at some point today, we will be eating donuts.  I just so happen to really like donuts, and just the thought of this is enough to make my high five list for the week.

Well, that’s it from me for today.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I am planning on it, and who knows, a few donuts may make their way back home, so I might have those to look forward to for this weekend as well.

Thanks for reading!


2 Replies to “The Last High Five for Summer”

  1. I love all of the patterns you have going on in your quilt!! And there’s something about all those back to school sales which always made me want to wander through the aisles a little more…


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