Tales From Thrifted Shoes Past…

Hello, everyone!  How is this Thursday morning going for you?  Me, well it’s currently Tuesday evening as I am sitting here writing up this week’s Thursday Thrift post, and lets just say, blogging beats dish washing that is for sure.

I have been spending a little time thinking about the last several pairs of shoes that I have left to wear in this Shoeperwoman.com shoe challenge, and it is really getting down to the line.  I think my count is five or six pairs left to go and I only tend to wear my pretty shoes on the weekends, so I might be in trouble.  I guess velvety, wedges for my boys gymnastics class might have to happen.

Anyway, I have been thinking about shoes and you know what?  Several pairs of my shoes have been thrifted.  In the theme of shoes, my Thursday Thrift items(s) for this week are the twice loved shoes that I have been happy to call my own.  It is hard enough to find new shoes that I like in my size, let alone used ones, so finding these have been some happy thrifting moments of my life.

First up, this pair of never been worn, Colin Stewart wedges.  Well, they had never been worn when I got them at the Goodwill, and since I’ve had them, I have worn them a total of three times.  They are still in the to-be-saved category for this year’s shoe challenge, so you should be seeing them up here sometime before the month is over.

Worn in last year’s challenge.
worn two years ago and it would seem with the same skirt
And two years ago, with what would seem to be the same skirt and almost the same silly pose.

Next from my thrifted shoe collection, these cute polka dot, Steve Madden wrap wedges that were given to me by my niece.  I loved them the moment I was told they could be mine.

From last year’s challenge.

Lastly of my thrifted shoes that I need to wear before September 1st, these red, spray painted yard sale finds that I am not completely sure about saving.  I like them, but will I really ever wear them unless I force myself to?

Only time will tell if these stick around any longer…

How about you, anyone ever find a good pair of used shoes?  Or, do you think that second-hand shoe shopping is completely out of the question?

If this small glimpse into some of my thrifted shoes wasn’t enough for you today, feel free to click the pictures to be taken to the original posts.  As always, thanks for reading.  Until the next Thursday Thrift… anyone else interested in participating?  Click here for details.

P.S. – It would seem I totally misread the calendar last month and posted my last Thursday Thrift post a week too early.  I will be back next Thursday to set the schedule straight.  (These posts are only supposed to be the first and third Thursdays of the month.) 

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2 Replies to “Tales From Thrifted Shoes Past…”

  1. These are some great heels. Love the first wedges the best. I have had lots of luck on eBay for thrifted heels, but never in a thrift store. It is tough to find my size and the criteria I set to be met. I only get heels with 4 inch heels or taller. 😉 Thank you for sharing. 😉


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