I didn’t know if I should tell the story of these shoes or the story of Saturday night when I wore them, so I guess I will tell a little bit about both.

First of all, it is kind of funny how I happened upon these shoes.  The brand is Steve Madden and they briefly belonged to my niece.  She got them brand new from the Goodwill and wore them to my house one day.  I told her I really liked her new shoes.  (They were black, polka dot, and wedges, need I say more?)  Well, turned out they didn’t really fit her – they were a bit big.  (Besides my mom, my oldest niece may be the only one with a shoe size smaller than me!  She handles this better than I do.)  It was just a compliment, nothing more.  My dear friend, her mom, thought that since she had just gotten them and they were too big, she should go ahead and give them to me.  My niece agreed, and as far as I could tell, she wasn’t bothered by the decision that was made for her.  Before actually accepting them, I did make sure she really didn’t care, because I truly wasn’t trying to take her shoes away.  No problems and all ended well!  (It’s not like I bullied the shoes away from her, or anything like that…)

As for Saturday night, it was a great!   We were surrounded by friends, lots of food, lots of fun, and lots of chocolate. (There was even a chocolate fountain!)  Two of my friends recently got married and we had a slightly more than modest reception for them.  All of this was planned and organized by several other friends, and the night couldn’t have been any better!  If I had to complain about anything, it would have been about the humidity.  That was just because it was 70 degrees with severe weather headed our way.  (Here I am going on about the weather again.)  But I really didn’t complain, out loud too much.  It ended up staying dry for most of the night and actually wasn’t that bad at all.  I guess going to bed at 2am was worth it.  Being so tired caused me not to care one bit about the weather, and I even slept through all of the thunder and lightning that would have kept me up otherwise.

Once again, it was a wonderful night with the friends that I love!  Now, I have only one pair of shoes left to be saved.



  P.S – The shoes are even a bit big for me.

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