I’m starting today kind of well rested.  I feel well rested for a Friday anyway, but let’s see how my energy is doing come 3:30 this afternoon.  That is when it always seems to leave me on a Friday.  I have plenty to do today, as usual, and I am happy to be getting started online.  My morning cup of coffee is about empty though, so that just means I am getting a late start.


I had a pretty good week.  It was one of those weeks that just seemed to fly by; there wasn’t enough time to get it all done.  The weather was wonderful, and everything is a shade brighter than it was on Sunday.  I do see lots of green and way more color, just as I figured would be the case, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen so fast.  With all this color showing up, the sneezes have shown up as well.  Allergies are in the air and they do get me this time of the year.  I can handle it though; it’s worth it to see everything not so drab and brown anymore.


The highlight of this week was planting more muscadine vines.  I planted 20.  One replacement and 19 in the two new rows that were made that very day.  (If it wasn’t 20 it was one over or under I’m pretty sure.)  I think with what we have now, there are 175 vines.  I will definitely have to take a walk through the vineyard to know for sure, but that is probably pretty close to the current count.  Again, I am very excited about this season, and hopefully we will have another good crop.  We shall see.


One more highlight from my week, the fire pit.  I don’t know why I enjoy it so much, but sitting out by the fire just makes my day.  We got our first fire going for the year last Sunday evening and if it weren’t so windy today, I’d be begging my guy for us to do it again tonight.  Well, I know there is plenty of time for it, so I will just be content with the relaxing evening indoors that is ahead of me for tonight.


That is all I have to say for right now.  I am also currently working on a few review posts, and one should be up before the weekend is over.  Also, I think I might head on over to the Monthly Stitch page before this morning is gone to get some sewing inspiration.  It’s my last week for February’s challenge, and as it looks now I may not have a dress made until spring.  I’ve attending a wedding and a graduation coming up that I am hoping to make dresses for.  I must get better at managing my down time if I expect to get them started and finished by the first of May.  Also, I must quit spending my money on new Doc’s and such so that I can go back to buying fabric with my spare cash.  It’s all about the priorities, right?


Enjoy you weekend, everyone!


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