Sunflower Selfies on a Sunday

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July is the month for sunflowers!  Why I like them so much, I don’t know.  They aren’t my favorite flower, but I guess you can’t be a blogger, or a social media poster, without having an obligatory post in a field of flowers now and again.  Sunflowers are probably the only flower fields I will ever stand in where I live.  Otherwise, I’d be covered in ticks and chiggers.  I have managed to avoid chiggers in my years and years of living in TN, mostly because I avoid almost all fields of growth this time of the year, ha ha.  Ticks, on the other hand, they aren’t as easy to avoid.

I mentioned in my last weekly update post that Stephen and I had been to a sunflower field.  It was more than just a sunflower field, the farm was making it an annual thing.  We went to the first of the first annual sunflower festival!  There were fields of sunflowers and small fields of zinnias.  A rustic playground for the children, a pedal go-cart track, some goats, and decorative yard art in the form of old trucks and tractors.  Plus the standard oversized chair that I see at all these types of places.

Since this was a special event at the farm, there was a live band and some BBQ.  Both of which were not too bad for the very back roads of rural West Tennessee!

You haven’t seen the last of me and sunflowers over here.  I took my most recently finished quilt with me so that I could have a nice backdrop for pictures.  I will be back to tell you all about it very soon.

No filter needed. 🙂

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