Hello, hello! For once in a long while, I am finding myself on the computer on a Friday and not for a zoom call. Lately, that’s what I do most on my computer, zoom calls and client check-ins. Slowly but surely, I am getting a go with my nutrition coaching, and in the mean time, I’ve been ignoring the blog.

Zoom call selfie!

It’s not just been zoom calls and check-ins that have been consuming my time, there has been lots and lots of blackberries that I have been picking and that is mostly how I have been spending my mornings these last two weeks.

It hasn’t just been clients and blackberries though. Stephen and I have been out and about doing something fun every weekend this month. The weekend before last, we went to our summer time favorite Crown Winery for pizza and wine. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze and thinking back on it, the humidity wasn’t bad at all for July. In fact, this whole month hasn’t been that bad, humidity wise, compared to the usual awfulness of July.

Last weekend we went to a sunflower field at a local farm for their first ever sunflower festival. I am always on the lookout for sunflower fields this time of the year, and this year’s find, unlike last year’s, wasn’t disappointing at all.

Other things taking up my time lately include:

Making blueberry salsa, twice!

Booking an upcoming beach vacation.
Bottling a little bit of honey with jars we could find. My local Walmart is low on canning jars so we still have some to order for the rest of our honey – 2 1/2 gallons total; what a surprise!
Still making time for the gym. I’m currently in a bit of a workout slump, however, but still taking classes and making myself go even when I’d rather skip.
Next quilt project. Ordered this pattern, and now I just need to get fabric for it.

I’ve also made it to coffee a few times with several of my friends and I’ve made it to the swimming pool a few times with several of my friends. For some reason, I neglected to take any pictures of either of these outings and I’ve been more than a couple of times. I guess I was just too busy enjoying the time to bother with my phone. ❤

Now, you are all caught up with what’s been going on in my life. Until my next blogging appearance, enjoy the fleeting days of summer.

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