Two weeks into August and the month may as well be over! I cannot say it enough, but time flies. I’ve skipped spring cleaning, as I usually do, so some of my time away from the blog this month has been spent summer cleaning. You know, moving appliances and cleaning under the things that don’t usually get cleaned under – that kind of cleaning. (Stephen was out of town for several days, thus the extra time on my hands for the extra cleaning). I have also gotten back to making wine. Last year was a slow wine making year since we hardly had a harvest, but this year, so far, the blackberry harvest was the best yet. And there were a couple of kit wines we needed to start as well. The rest of the time the last two weeks has been filled with little things like coffee and swimming meet ups with friends.

Our weekends away from home continued into August and we finally went to a proper mall for some window shopping. I did actually find a couple of things, a new dress and a pair of sunglasses, so it wasn’t all just browsing. Also, we upgraded the drone. Our other one was no longer app supported and the gps, or something like that, wasn’t working correctly, so we always hesitated to fly it should it fly away and get lost, which it had done before. We were at Costco buying all the things, and saw they had bundle packs on drones so why not get a better one. The new drone is awesome, by the way! I am so glad we got it, now Stephen is a little bit more excited when I drag him out of the house for weekend adventuring. 🙂

I did something new last week, I melted beeswax. We kept half the honey frames we harvested to do something with the wax. Stephen found a YouTube video that showed how to melt and clean it so I got to try that one day last week. We have just under a pound of wax and I decided I will use it for making candles. I already ordered the wicks and now just need the jars, which I shall have by next week. I love the way it smells so I think I am going to really like the candles.

Everything else for me has been pretty much the same – normal day to day stuff. I am trying to get some health and business books read, and I have been working with new nutrition clients. I have boring medical appointments, eye doc and dentist, coming up in the next week so I will be out and about a little more than usual. Plus, I will be doing boring computer stuff today and tomorrow.

That’s about it for now. I have my usual 1 Second a Day video for July that will give a visual sum up of what’s been going on. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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