As you all are well aware, it is not Friday anymore.  It came and went and all I did, blog wise, was title this post and edit a picture.  Then, the power flickered due to some really nice storms that came through Friday afternoon, I lost my internet connection, and my blogging time was no more.  Since I didn’t want to blog from my phone Friday, and I was away from home most of Saturday and Sunday, I have for you today, Monday, a nice little rundown of last week with added iphone photos.  It was a pretty busy week for me.  I felt like I was hardly home, and it all started on Monday.


The boy and I joined my dear friend and the cousins for a trip to Memphis.  It was a hot afternoon, and still my boy chose to wear his flannel shirt and his hat with a pair of jeans.  But what he wore is beside the point.  We went to Memphis specifically to see the National Civil Rights Museum, with a quick trip to the mall and Costco before, because of course we would go to the mall and Costco before.  We don’t live close enough to places such as these, and a proper trip to the city involves a couple of necessary stops.

The museum was great, and bonus it is free to residents on Monday afternoons.  There were quite a few people and it took us a good two hours to make it through the place, and that was at a pretty reasonable pace.  We got a good run through, but could definitely make another trip to catch those things that we walked by or overlooked this time around.

IMG_1056Tuesday, it was another hot one, but this day I spent a good part of it at the lake – once again with my dear friend and some of the cousins.  Since the local pool is closed, we are making due with what we can, and let me tell you this isn’t that bad.  Except for the occasional local color, this place is pretty laid back with not many people around.  My friend does seem to know how to draw a crowd of the younger sort though, with her collection of water toys and jumping things.  🙂

We were out for a good several hours and I came home with my first sunburn of the season.  I used sunscreen and everything, but spending all that time in the water must have washed it off enough to leave me with some pink arms.  Notice I said pink, not red.  I guess that time I have been spending outside has done me some good.  My usual shade at this time of the year is red.


Wednesday, I spent some time in my yard propping up a blueberry bush and fretting over the cicada damage to my bushes.  There wasn’t that much, but I lost several limbs that were full of berries.  Those bugs are gone now, but I am not happy with what they left behind.

That afternoon my guy texted me about his company dinner that he was feeling obliged to attend, but perhaps afterwards we could do something ourselves.  I am always eager to answer in the affirmative when not cooking dinner is involved.  I killed some time while I waited window shopping, or more appropriately ‘mirror’ shopping.  I am wanting to replace what I have in my bathroom and hadn’t had the time to check around to see what I could find.  This was one that caught my eye, but I have a few other places to look before I make the final decision.

Dinner was great, the window shopping was fun, and the unexpected evening out was nice.

Thursday, it was time to do some work at the vineyard.  This day, I fretted over the damage that the Japanese beetles were starting to do.  Oh, how I dislike bugs!  They are awful!  For the most part the vines look fine, but those beetles have got to go.  I found a source for some natural, clay-based spray that is supposed to work.  It got ordered and now we are just waiting for it to show up.  The rest of this afternoon was spent hanging out with friends while they were having a yard sale.


Friday, my dad was out at the family property from New Mexico and he brought me cherries.  Fresh from the tree cherries.  You know what I like to do with sackfuls of fruit these days?  I like to crush them, press them, and make wine from them.  And that is just what happened.


Then, came the weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it.  We made a family trip to Nashville for a nice day out, and I even found some time to bottle 6 gallons of wine.  I am always sad that the time has to go so fast, but it is Monday now, so time for this week to progress on.  I have more plans to be at the lake, more plans to be working in the yard, and more to do with all that wine.  No doubt, it will be another busy one.

How was your week/weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?

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