cropped pants

Hi, everyone!  It is the last Thursday of the month, again.  Let’s talk about my thrifted item of the month, shall we?

I woke up the other morning, got my guy off to work, then went back to bed where I had my usual cup of coffee and internet browsing session, until… “This week is my Thursday Thrift post!”  I might have exclaimed to no one but Yuki, who was snuggled up in bed with me.  “What ever shall I wear?”  I thought aloud.

Then, once my coffee was just about finished, I wandered into my closet – that little room with way too many articles of clothing all over the place – and I reached as high as I could into the bucket of stored clothes that I haven’t managed to go through yet this season.  “How about these?” 

Note: No, there is nothing wrong with the print on these pants above.  They are striped and only look like strange swirly things.  Really, they look more like this picture below.  (This was not the easiest outfit to photograph, by the way.)

cropped pants close up

I bought them at a yard sale several years ago, and they were cheap enough – probably less then a dollar – for me to go ahead and buy even though I knew there was a good chance that I wasn’t gonna wear them.  Cropped pants, you guys, do you know how I feel about cropped pants?  I haven’t yet gotten on board with that whole style, and after wearing them for a bit on this day, I am not sure I ever will.

I like the fabric and the tailored fit, but I just can’t see myself in any way but short when I wear a pair of cropped pants.  (I have no ill feelings towards myself in cropped leggings for working out, which is kind of the same, but without that bottom flare, I guess.  It must be that bottom flare that ruins the look for me.)  I tried to like a different pair last year, but decided that shorts they would become, one day.  These are probably in the same category:  soon to be a pair of shorts.

Now to you, what are your thoughts on this particular style?  I know it has faded out of fashion a little lately, but I am reading that culottes are making a comeback.  Still of the cropped pant variety…


Details:  pants – Star City (thrifted) || shirt – Mudd || shoes – Doc Martens (ebay) || necklace – made-by-me


2 Replies to “The Thursday Thrift // June”

  1. I now wear trousers far more than I thought I ever would when I bought my first pair some 18 months ago but I have never had any desire to buy a cropped pair. I somehow don’t think I would look right in them!


    1. I’m glad to hear you are wearing your way into trousers fine. Just like a pair of pants, I guess the cropped ones aren’t for everyone. 🙂


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