An Insta-Week

A nice big, good afternoon to you all.  Or is it already evening?  It has been a LONG day!  In fact I could even say it has been a LONG week.  I’ve been up to my usual, only this week with extra added gym time.  I said I was really going to start a harder and more consistent work out routine, well I have.  More weights, more classes, and less carbs – I am all in.  The one thing I can’t get any more of, unfortunately, is time.  I notice the more I do, the less time I have.  There is nothing that can be done about that, I am afraid.  I really should be getting more sleep, but that is what the weekend is for.  Hooray, it is Friday!

Not a lot of time for some things, but plenty of time to be taking pictures.  I have continued in to another photo challenge via Instagram – I may have already mentioned that – therefore, I have a little bit of my week to show as seen by this photo challenge.  I just love taking pictures!


Last Saturday, my week ended with me being well rested and happy for the thought of sunshine.  The sun peeked out on Saturday and even a little bit on Sunday.  It was wonderful!  I finished photo challenge number two with this selfie.  It was supposed to be a self portrait, but selfies count these days, don’t they?


On to Sunday.  There was going to be a new dress for me that day, but it all changed when I found out that lovely little bird house fabric, there in the center, had a defect in the material right down the center.  My dress plan was ruined, and I didn’t feel like making anything else.  After that I went and tasted all that wine I mentioned earlier in the week.  (Photo theme of the day: inspire.)


Monday was my busiest gym day.  I not only took my regular dance class, but also before that I decided to take a HIIT class.  HIIT stands for high intensity interval training.  I have been reading about it some so when I realized there was one at the gym, I invited a friend and we tried it out.  It took days to get over the soreness!  (Photo theme of the day: hard work.  Let me tell ya, it was even hard work getting up after stretching out when I got home.)


Tuesday was my busiest away from home day.  I was very happy to have this view beside me while driving home that afternoon.  The sunshine and sunsets are very appreciated when days on end have been nothing but rain and clouds.  (Photo theme of the day: up.)


Wednesday was the day that went by the fastest.  School, errands, and no gym.  There was a steak dinner though, and a nice evening reading with the family.  A fast day, but plenty of nice family time.  Extra bonus that my guy did the grilling.  (Photo theme of the day: exercise – mine was of the mental sort.)


Thursday was almost a blur.  So much going on mentally and physically, and after everything of the day an afternoon HIIT class and weight workout.  By last night I was ready to call it quits for the week, but still Friday was left.  There was coffee though, and this yummy stuff was something new to try.  A generous client from my guy’s work gave a few out, and happy day Stephen came home with one.  (Photo theme of the day: empty.)


And today, Friday, one of the busiest days of my week.  No working out, as much as I wanted to go to the gym.  I spent the day finishing up school with the boy, grading papers, cleaning, and cooking.  Then there was a trip to Walmart on a Friday afternoon.  I dislike going to Walmart enough as it us, but much less on a Friday.  We survived it though, and even took a detour through the auto car wash.  It didn’t really clean the car, so looks like I am gonna have to do it myself.  Really, there is a white car under all of that dirt… somewhere.  (Photo theme of the day: circles.)

And now, I am just about ready to call it quits for the day.  I love the busy days but even more I am looking forward to the relaxing weekend.  Maybe I will make a dress, but for sure I have a few things left from today to finish.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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