Outfit Photos Gone Wrong

Blurry Motion

The sun is refusing to shine most of this month, and I am blaming that for my lack of Thursday Thrift posts.  I was going to have one for you all today, but the rain ruined my plans to get outside and take any pictures (same ole story, I know).  The weather has a way of messing things up for us wanna be fashion bloggers sometimes, and there is nothing I can do about it.  I suppose I could take photos indoors, but I really have no backdrops in here that make for a suitable shot.  These days my house seems to be nothing but clutter and I just about can’t take it anymore.  But that would be another story for another day.  (Don’t worry, I don’t really think I will be blogging about my cluttered house anytime soon… I hope not anyway.)

Apologies for a Thursday Thrift-less December, guys, but I do have a little something for today – a few of the photos that haven’t made the blog, also known as the outtakes.  I dug a little into the archives this morning and found some photos that represent a big chuck of my self photography fails.  It isn’t easy taking pictures of yourself, I know this very well.  You have some good days where more than a few of the photos that end up on the card are not too bad, but in my case, I am lucky to end up with three out of twenty plus that I don’t think make me look too weird.  And I get a lot of photo bombs.

Yuki dog is usually the main culprit.  I don’t know how many of her I have.  Either she’s there in the shot, most often with her backside showing, or she’s just out of sight and I am motioning to her to move – crazy facial expressions included.  I spared you the sight of those, my crazy facial expressions are not something I felt like posting on the inter-webs.  😉

Outfit outtakes


And then there is the boy.  It’s as if he waits in the shadows, listening to the self-timer beep, awaiting the perfect moment to spring in front of the camera.  I have way too many of these.  In fact, I started deleting some of them because I have more than enough.

Outfit Outtakes 2

photo bomb outtake 1

photo bomb outtake 2Sometimes I see him coming, and it’s funny, I’m noticing a similar reaction on my part when that happens.

Outfit Outtakes 3

Sorry again, no Thursday Thrift.  I will be back next year though with more tales of my thrifted clothes; so thrifters, don’t give up on my yet.

Should you have anything thrifted up on your blog, feel free to leave me a link in the comments.  I would like to see someone’s outfit posts on this dreary, wet, and rainy day.

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    1. Thanks! I stopped by and browsed your blog a bit. Might I refer you to another site that you might find of some interest? kjtruth.com It is a great site for fellow Christians. There are plenty of Bible studies and some great articles that will make you think. Hope you have a great year, yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

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