Styling Spaces

Personal style shows up everywhere, don’t you think?  From the things we choose to put on each day, to the way we style our hair, and it even shows up in our chosen surroundings.  Where we choose to shop is probably affected a little by our own individual sense of style as well.  Myself, I like to say I am a vintage modernist.  (I totally made that up on the spot.  I am sure it is really a thing though.)  When I shop for clothes, decor, what have you, I am on the look out for things that stand out and yet aren’t too flashy or dated.  With clothes, I like older styles with a modern look.  I love finding old things too, but the old things I usually come home with have to have some modern appeal to me.  I don’t like an overly worn or tattered look.

When it comes to home decorating, I really do think personal style plays a big part with what you have in your house.  Straight lines, and simplicity are what I like when it comes to home decor.  I love modern furnishings and so I was very happy with the opportunity to create my own living room, mood board for  Window shopping and making wish lists are a couple of things that I really enjoy doing.

Mondani Living Room

This living room collage is pretty close to what I really would have myself.  There are the straight lines and the simple designs that I like so much.  The lamp, the couch, and the coffee table are the modern pieces that take up most of the attention.   (Couches can always be the main centerpiece in any living room.)  The book shelf in my house would be filled with old, vintage books.  The trunks would fit for my older looking items without being too misplaced amongst the modern surroundings.  And the silver mirror and vase would make some nice little finishing touches.  Now the rug, I always want darker rugs, but I don’t want to bring the mood in the room down, so I usually go with something neutral.  This is the perfect neutral rug for me!  There is a nice assortment of dark and light, and it would match any type of accent color that I might want to add to the room for that extra pop of color.

This absolutely is my imaginary living room that best describes my personal style.  What do you think?  Do you feel like you have a home decor that expresses your personal style?  If you are interested in any of the items I chose, or would like to see more, check out their site:

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