Starting it off right at IKEA, which is where we were last year this very same day.  I’m always inspired when I go to this place.  And I always see way too many things that I want to bring home with me.  This day was no exception.

We went mostly for picture frames since the newly added to wall in our living room was looking somewhat lopsided.  I pre-ordered some prints from Costco on Sunday hoping that we would be able to pic them up on our way home from IKEA, but I was a little disappointed to learn that Costco was closed on New Year’s.  They will be sent to me in a week or so which gives me plenty of time to get on top of the shelves and dust, plus contemplate a few more times exactly where I want all these new pictures to go.

Before that happens, I have a newly decorated sewing room.  I am very happy about this.  It’s really the computer/school/sewing room, but for break it’s a sewing room.  I got a KALLAX shelving unit and I may have jumped for joy inside when I saw it advertised on sale on that big banner outside the building when we arrived.  They were selling fast!  I wanted the half version too but it was all gone.  I don’t think I can ever have too many shelving units or over-sized picture frames.  (I will let you all know if I ever change my mind on that.)

My guy put the unit together when we got home while I deconstructed the sewing room and moved everything away from the new wall it was to be placed on.  Originally I have been patiently waiting for Walmart to get back in stock some more black 5-shelf units, but I’ve been waiting for months.  I like what I got instead much more and it’s the perfect display for all of my fabric.  Now to find a way to neatly organize them.

Everything is looking much better, still a work in progress, and I do need to find a place for that set of drawers on my cutting table.  I’m obtaining quite a donation pile through all of this.  I can’t decide if I want to sew, organize, or find more things to get rid of today.  But before all that, I have another post I am working on.  I’ll be back soon…

Any other IKEA fans out there?  Let me know in the comments.  🙂


5 Replies to “Starting the New Year off Right”

  1. Love Ikea. I went on New Year’s Eve. I have a 4 Kallax in my sewing room. Well it’s old so it’s from Expedia or whatever it was called before they changed the name to Kallax.


    1. I remember when they were the Expedit, or whatever it was called, that was the one I always wanted. I actually thought this one I got must have been a modified version of it, but after your comment, yeah, they just changed the name. 🙂


  2. Yes we like Ikea and need to go soon I’m needing to replace dish towels and would like to get a living room rug there. We don’t go too often since our place is so small not enough room for all I would like to buy there. 🤓


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