It’s finally here.  The last weekend of the year, and what do I have to say about it?


I sewed.  In fact I spent most of the day doing this.  I made the dress I posted about earlier in the week all while listening to the football games going on in the living room and I Love Lucy reruns.


We don’t celebrate X-mas, so today was just another day for us, but a little different cause it was a day off.  Started the day making homemade tortillas that paired perfectly with breakfast burritos.  (I also started yesterday off this way, in case you wanted to know.  Two days in a row making tortillas.  I should have just doubled the recipe on Sunday.)  After a late breakfast my guy and I put together the canvas photo that I got the week before from  (It will be later in the week that I find a place to put the picture.)  I spent the rest of the day making another dress while once again listening to football from the other room.  I also managed to make it outside in the freezing cold to take a few pictures of my newest, completed dress.


Today was back to normal, kind of, for us all.  My boy had some studying for tests to do while I graded papers and cleaned up from the long weekend at home.  I made it to the gym and was the only one to show up for a dance class that I take.  I was happy to be there and happy to work off some of the junk from the long weekend.


Today we did more school – this is our last school work week before break and I am trying to get everything school-related done before Friday.  I ran a few errands and I also found the time to meal plan and make some homemade potato soup.  I didn’t even take a picture, but here is the recipe if you are interested.  It was so good!  Today was also the day we took Mittens the cat to get fixed.  She did well and is still in the garage under a heat lamp recuperating.


I’m now officially ready for spring.  It didn’t take much this year and I really don’t like the cold.  It was barely freezing today and it’s supposed to be colder this weekend.  Ugh!  I reluctantly made it out of the house this evening to go to the gym.  I at least did a little something and that makes for two days this week.

HIIT with weights. I’m sore today.


The boy and I went to lunch.  We also went to Sam’s Club and came home with my guy who got off of work early.  We finally put up that new picture of ours and plans are currently in the works to make an IKEA trip this weekend to find some more picture frames to decorate the newly added to wall.  I cannot wait!

And that’s where I am now.  It was a great week, really, and I am looking forward to another long weekend with my guys.

I did it; a whole year of almost consistently posting weekly updates of my life.  I have yet to look back and see if there were any weeks that I missed, but I am pretty sure I didn’t use my daily written journal at all.  I am still deciding if I want to continue my Friday recaps into the new year, but one thing I am ready for is more posting about other stuff.  I’ve got a weekly photo challenge I want to undertake in the new year and maybe even a sewalong.  I was asked last year about this and thought it a wonderful idea.  I can’t believe it’s been a year later and I haven’t followed up on it.  Sorry.

Cheers! Two new dresses and two weekends off.

I hope everyone had a great year, and I thank all of you that followed along with mine.  I will be back in 2018 with more about my life and my goings on.  Please feel free to let me know if there are any blogging requests in the new year.  You can comment here or drop me a line via email:

Everyone, have a wonderful last weekend of 2017!  I’ll be back soon.  ❤

2 Replies to “The 52nd Friday of 2017”

    1. Hi, Sharon. Back when I became a Christian I looked in to a lot of the traditions of celebrating days etc. and found out a bunch, if not all, were from pagan origins. I never knew that Christmas wasn’t really when the Lord was born. Instead Christmas was originally a celebration of the winter solstice. There is even some mention against it in the Bible. So, I stopped celebrating it. A lot of people assume I am a Jehovah’s Witness because of this, but I am not. Just a Bible-believing Christian.


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