Cell Phone Clip Holder and Stand // Product Review

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People use their cell phones and tablets everywhere and for everything these days, myself included.  Depending on where you are, it can be a little hard to keep that thing in your hand though.  Perhaps you are in the kitchen and the recipe you are using is from one of your Pinterest boards and you just can’t seem to find a place to prop up your iPad.  Or maybe you are at the kitchen table eating breakfast while trying to watch the latest updates on your YouTube feed, or rereading your own blog posts.  Then there are those days you wonder, how am I going to get a decent outfit photo for my Instagram without using that selfie stick… (I am totally talking about things I do myself here.)  Well, the trouble of propping up devices for aforementioned reasons is no longer a problem for me.

I was recently sent a couple of accessories to try out and here I am today telling you all about them.  This little package was kind of a bonus, two for one deal, because I didn’t just get a tablet/phone stand, I also got a cell phone clip.  Here are my thoughts:

Let me start with the stand.  Of the two items, this has been the most handy.  My iPad has a cover on it which can be used as a stand, but this one that I was sent works much better.  I don’t have to worry about the iPad falling over or the stand leg slipping out underneath itself, which is a problem with the cover stand I had been using before.  This stand is sturdy and the adjustable back leg clicks into place well enough that it doesn’t move at all while in use.

eShopMind stand

It has made my morning internet browsing while eating breakfast much easier.  I’m totally hands free now!

The cell phone clip, on the other hand, hasn’t gotten as much use from me.  I have tried it out a time or two though, so I do have a couple of things to say about it.  First thing, it is well made.  The phone holding part is tight and has some foam padding that nicely grips the device.  The mounting clip is very strong; there’s plenty of tension in it, and with everything I have clamped it to it hasn’t budged.  The bendable part isn’t flimsy one bit.  You can bend it to your needs, and it keeps the shape it was bent into without moving.  This is great because the weight of the phone on it doesn’t seem to affect its movement at all.

eShopmind cell phone clip

I can see me using this clamped on my sewing table while watching a tutorial on how to do something related to a project I am working on.  Or possibly clamped to the edge of my bathroom counter, so I can finally watch something that will tell me how to perfectly blow dry my hair once and for all.  If you are a face-timer, this would be a great way to go hands free for that as well.  So, yes, this is going to be another handy phone accessory to have.  I’ve already put it to work as a phone holder for the self-timer on my camera app.  It worked great!

I’m happy with both of these products.  The tablet stand no doubt will be getting the most use from me.  I have also used it to prop up my cell phone.  They come as a set, so like I said before, it’s kind of like a two for one bonus in my opinion.  Should you want a pair of these for your own, you can find them here.

*I was sent this product at a promotional rate in exchange for an honest review.  I am not being compensated in any way for referrals, all opinions are my own, and are 100% truthful.

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