Time for Wine skirt 2
I’m calling it the Winemaker’s Skirt

There was no way I was turning down this material!  It was $2 something a yard on super clearance, and it felt wonderful.  I got enough to make a dress, and maybe should have, but I was thinking the wine bottle print would be a bit much.  The next best thing: a high-waisted skirt using a failed dress pattern.  My intention for this project was to be a part of the Monthly Stitch’s January theme: cheers for a new year.  Since the new year of 2016 found me bottling more wine, and I foresee many more bottles ahead of me this year as well, I thought this would be the perfect make to start off my sewing year, and it went well with the theme.  (Up and coming winemaker over here, you know.  Well, I’m working on it anyway.)

Time for Wine skirt

It would have been nice to have finished it in January, but I got busy and my sewing took a back seat.  Then when I was ready to resume, towards the end of February, I found that I had misplaced my sewing machine pouch that contained all my zipper feet and button hole maker.  I was devastated!  All this skirt needed was the waist band, a zipper, and to be hemmed.  I was at the same spot with my last dress, so what I did was get everything sewed up and patiently waited for a replacement zipper foot.

Once I got that, it only took about 10 minutes to finish this one up.  It is a very easy make.  I made this from the skirt portion of the New Look 6143 pattern.  I took the tie belt pattern piece and measured it to the waist of the connected skirt, then used it folded over as the waist band with some lightweight interfacing on half of it.  That’s it, then add the invisible zipper and I was done.  I may not have done the best job with my two attempts at the dress, but I’ve gotten a skirt down pretty well from it.  It’s currently my most favorite skirt pattern.

New Look 6143

That is everything I have to say about this one.  I’d love to hear if any of you have found a dress pattern that was better used as a skirt.  Leave me a comment.  Also, tell me what you think of novelty material used for dresses or skirts.  Material like this I’ve mostly found on aprons or kitchen accessories, not usually in everyday outfits.  Discuss…

P.S.  They really are wine bottles, not ketchup bottles as my hubby likes to tease that they are.

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