Another Year of Daily Photos

I’m surprised that I didn’t mention this more, but if you remember, last year around this time I started a daily photo challenge over on Instagram (I used it as a blog post a time or two).  Initially, it was only supposed to be for a month; then one month turned into two months; two months led to four; and before I knew it, I had done it for a whole year.  I did the photo-a-day thing with my niece, and she would dutifully find our next 30 day list of photo prompts, with which I dutifully followed along.  So, I have taken two whole years of daily photos, and I am now starting on year number three.  My niece and I enjoyed doing this so much, we are still going on with it.  I’m tagging it the never ending photo challenge.

Any Instagram readers out there, you can follow me here: DMGIRL.  Any non-Instagrammers, you haven’t really missed out on seeing some of my photos, because I use many of them in my regular Friday posts.

Here is what I have taken so far for my most recent photo challenge.  I may miss a day here and there, but I make them up as soon as I can.  I know they are just phone quality photos as well, but I still think that phone photos are not too bad considering.  There is a reason that the space on my phone keeps getting full, I take WAY TOO MANY of them!

Anybody else have this problem: filling up your phone with photos rather than apps?  Regular readers, are you on Instagram?  Leave me a comment with your user names.  I love finding real people to follow.


2 thoughts on “Another Year of Daily Photos

  1. Your photos are really great and the challenge is really fun. Yes my phone is filled up with too many photos. Going to follow you @DMGirl for inspiration. I am @lovelight33 Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Madeline! I am happy to hear that you like my photos. Thanks also for the Instagram follow. I am following you back. It is always great when real people follow me over there and not the spam-bots. 🙂

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