It’s time for my most recent collection of daily outfit photos.  Since last Wednesday, I was able to wear a dress almost every other day, and today I have a few more to show you.  See, I am making progress after all.  This is good news for me, because once again, I have added two more dresses to my ever growing collection.  I couldn’t help it, they were on super clearance and I bought them pretty much as soon as the notification showed up in my inbox.  (They are a couple of retro-style, name brand designer dresses, the first of the kind that I have bought – one of them is a Lindy Bop – and I am sure they will be showing up here soon enough.)

Never mind those new dresses, here are a few that have been taking up space in my closet for a while now:

retro style fashion

Dress 50, and the only me made of the week:  The Green Pineapple dress worn one evening to a local theater performance, and then again two days later because it still looked ironed.


Dress 51 – Mossimo – an oldie but a goodie.  Actually, I don’t know how many times I have almost given this one away.  Worn for a day of puppy sitting, Walmarting, and general around the house stuff.


Dress 52 – Rue 21 with a crop top.  I think this has been worn three times already but never documented.  Finally, I’ve got it archived today.


Dress 53 – Something I found at Macy’s many summers ago.  This one has been in the to get rid of pile for a while now.  It didn’t fit the last time I wore it, but surprise surprise, it fit just fine when I put it on the other day.  I am happy about that because I really didn’t want to part with it.  I love the somewhat 90’s look of it, and the fact that it has pockets.  Worn for an afternoon of quilting and hanging out with friends.

That’s all that I’ve worn this week for my wardrobe challenge;  I am happy with my progress.  I have a little trick to help me keep track of what I have worn, after I wear these dresses and they get washed, I hang them up with the hangers facing the wrong way.  Visually, it seems I am about half way done – woo hoo!  I do have a few in other rooms of the house though that I must not forget to count.  Until next time, I will continue to be wearing those forgotten dresses living in the back of my closet.

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