Good morning, blog reading world!  How is the day going for you so far?  I am awake and feeling refreshed – a little extra sleep has a way of doing that to me.  Also, this nice cup of coffee at my left hand side is helping with the good morning as well.  I have taken a little bit of a break the last week or so; that is, a slight break from my regular routine, and it has been nice.  I’ve had a little less gym time and a little less soreness, which makes for a bit of well needed recovery and down time.  Thinking about it today, it has helped, but I am ready to get back at it.  And with just under four weeks of summer break left, I would like to use my non-school time to the best of my ability.  So many dresses to make and so many deadlifts to do.  (I have a goal to be deadlifting my body weight by the end of summer and I am almost there.  Kind of a weird goal, I know.)

Well, enough of that.  Here’s what I have been up to lately using the last five photos on my iPhone to tell the story (screen shots and multiples do not count towards this):


Late nights and long days.  Even the boy is feeling the effects of his time off this summer.  He’s also been keeping busy working, a lot, tumbling, a lot, and practicing to drive.  Then there are his mowing duties and things such as that.


Waiting out the weather.  We’ve had high heat, lots of humidity, and plenty of the rain the last week.  This was the skyscape Friday afternoon as we were headed out to pick elderberries.  Needless to say, we didn’t pick anything.


The dog days.  On one of the days we were out picking elderberries, we took Yuki along.  She loves to go to the cabin!  In fact, we can’t even say the word ‘cabin’ in our house without her whining and pacing from door to door until we leave.  On our way home, we stopped for a ‘quick’ walk in a nearby battle field.  Yuki was one happy dog!  My boy on the other hand.  He did his own kind of whining.  In his defense, it was probably the hottest day of the summer thus far.  Ice cream afterwards made it a little more bearable.  (I haven’t been minding my diet much these last few days either.)


A bird’s eye view, but in this case it was was phone camera’s view.  I have a bird nest in my mailbox and I thought I heard something in there the other day, but couldn’t quite make it out – the nest is in the very back of the box.  I stuck my phone inside and snapped this pic, no baby birds just yet.  And in case you are wondering, I have no idea what bird it is that lays Cadbury mini eggs… ha ha!


Lastly about my life lately, good eats.  The family and I spent a fun day in Nashville on Sunday.  It’s been a few months since we’ve had a day out like this, and we thought to try something different for dinner.  I came across this place on my Instagram feed a few weeks back, and right away put it on my list of places to try.  Sunday was the day.  It was very good – both the food and the drinks.  I had pulled pork, my guy had fish and chips, and the boy had pizza.  The restaurant is a little on the small side, but I love places like that: very cozy with a pub/tavern like atmosphere.  It was a great end to the fun weekend!

And that is what I have been up to.  How about you guys, what has your summer been like?


3 Replies to “Life Lately…”

  1. You’ll have to update us when the baby birds hatch. Enjoy the last weeks of summer break. The summer has flown by quickly.


    1. Yes, it has flown by very quickly! No bird update yet, the eggs are still there, and in the evenings there is a momma bird in the nest. I am not sure how long it even takes for eggs to hatch…


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