The Tuesday After the 29th Friday of 2016

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At the rate I am going, I will never get more posts up this year than the last, but I am not going to talk about my blogging shortcomings anymore, okay?  I am here today and that is all that matters.  And today, it’s been a day.  It started bright and early, and I was tired.  I had a very hard time prying my eyes open this morning, but it had to be done.  There’s been a lot going on in my life these last several days, and I think I am about ready for a vacation from my summer vacation.  I have been able to sneak an afternoon nap in here and there, which helps.  I know I could remedy all of this and just go to bed at a decent time, but it is hard sometimes when you are married to a night owl.  I guess I might even consider myself a bit of a night owl.  Spousal habits have a way of rubbing off on each other after so many years; and we’ve had so many years to have traded a few of these habits.


Maybe it isn’t just recent late nights that had me tired this morning, it was lake day on Sunday and that always takes a few days to recover from.  It was our usual full day of fun in the sun with water sports, and bonus lazy lady lounging this year.  A dear friend got one of those super floats that have room for twenty – well maybe not twenty, but definitely plenty of room for all of my girlfriends – so me and those of my bestest friends that made it got to spend a good amount of time just relaxing and drifting off to the middle of the lake.  We got a good ways out before having to have someone come pull us back closer to shore.  We were headed to someone’s own private beach, which actually wouldn’t have been such a bad thing, as long as the property owners didn’t mind.  It was a great day!  We even saw a bald eagle swoop down a short distance from our island floaty and catch a fish.  I only wish now that one of us would have had a camera, but water and electronics aren’t always a good combination.  I will be prepared next time and take my little camera dry box.  I wonder what the odds are of having another bald eagle swoop down right beside us…


So that was Sunday and the rest of last week was less about fun and leisure and more about work and things such as that.  I finally got a start at my summer cleaning.  I feel really good about this since I had put it off for way too long.  Also, we were the temporary guardians of an abandoned puppy for several days, and there was a little extra work in my life dealing with that.  Mostly the work was on my emotions.  Emotional circumstances can be a bit draining I’ve noticed.  But then there was the occasional clean up work that was involved with this as well.  However, I wasn’t the one who dealt with the mess pictured above.

elderberries in TN

The other thing that currently has me occupied a few days out of the week, elderberries.  Just as our blueberry and blackberry season is winding down, elderberry harvest is picking up.  I am happy to say there are many more this year than the last.  It really is exciting getting to enjoy the fruit from things that grow in your back yard.  It will be grape season – ahem, I mean muscadine season – soon enough.  Now, if only those apples that are growing on my tree would just stay put…


That is all I have to say tonight.  Have a great rest of your evening, everyone.

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