Wardrobe Wear Out // Weeks 36-39

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It seems like it was just yesterday that I sat down and wrote up what I had worn up to week 35.  In fact, it seems like it was just yesterday that I sat down at my computer at all, when in fact it has been almost a week since I have even pulled up my Word Press dashboard.  Where has this summer been going?  Better yet, where has the year gone?  It is flying by and I am not even exaggerating!  I feel I can barely keep up.

Today I have a few dresses to show for the last four weeks of this wear my closet challenge of mine.  I have no idea how many dresses I currently have hanging up in my closet, and I keep telling you all that I am gonna get a dress count ASAP.  It just isn’t happening.  I know I have several that I won’t wear.  I have tried to wear a few, but never make it out of the bathroom with them on.  I’d say I have at least five to get rid of, which is good because in the last month I have probably added five more.  And here are two of which that I have recently bought.  They are a bit of a departure from my regular obsession of fit and flare, cotton dresses.


H&M knit dress that I bought brand new for $12 something.  It is very hard for me to pass up a black and white dress at that price!


Another new, store bought dress.  This one is from Kohl’s and I got it on Sunday.  I love everything about it, even the neck tassels, which kind of surprised me.


Now for the ones I wore that I have made myself.  My first ever make of a Simplicity 2444 dress.  (Sorry for the headless photo; it was a bad hair day.)

H&M striped dressAnd lastly of what I have worn the last several weeks, my Cotton and Steel typewriter dress.  I did take the sleeves off after all and I have to say, it didn’t turn out that bad.  (You can see the before look here.)

Dresses 46 – 49 have been worn and will live to see another year.  I might be getting close to being half way done.  I will never know until I get into that closet of mine and have a recount though.  Maybe this is the week it will happen…

Until next time, I hope to be wearing a dress a day, or every other day at the least…

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